University Of Sao Paulo: Public Patients With Hearing Loss Can Count On The HC Rehabilitation Program

Recover Program Reouvir Program provides hearing aids to patients who have been that are referred by the Central Systems for Health Services Regulation Providers (Cross). The referral occurs shortly after the health center has identified the root of the hearing loss, the conditions that could exacerbate hearing loss, and audiological diagnosis. The program coordinator, Mara Gandara, linked to the Division of Otorhinolaryngology at the Hospital das Clinicas, Faculty of Medicine, USP (HCFMUSP), can describe the program’s procedure through an interview with Jornal da USP on Ar 1st Edition.

More than 25,000 people benefited over two years from the hearing rehabilitation program that incorporates an amplification device for practical assistance to patients in public health centers. “Sometimes patients can realize their hearing loss, typically loved ones and relatives notice it, but it is essential to recognize the problem as soon as possible. The longer the duration of deafness, the more difficult the healing,” Mara says. Mara.

“At Hospital das Clinicas (HC), we provide care from children aged six months to seniors aged 107 years, with various types of hearing loss,” According to the expert. Many reasons cause hearing loss, and it could happen due to pregnancy or childbirth, based on the person’s age or loud noises throughout the day.

How is the Reouvir Program works?

The teacher informs the class that the Department of Health maps and schedules these patients via the Cross system. Patients are referred to the nearest service to their home. After that, an appointment is scheduled by the health facility, and the Reouvir team meets the patient and begins the process of selecting. If the patient does not require surgical or clinical treatment is needed to receive the sound amplifier device on the particulars of his hearing loss. “We require the diagnostic etiology (what causes hearing loss) and audiological diagnostics (his levels of hearing) by a doctor. In the HC exam, the patient has an appointment with a doctor and then is subjected to audiometry. There is also a verification of his records and instructions about the definition of a hearing aid and how it operates.”

Following this process, the individual will be able to test and adjust to the equipment. It is crucial to have support from family members at this point, as the person isn’t used to loud noises and may become uncomfortable. This adaptation period is known as “acclimatization,” and training with speech therapists can help in this phase. However, there are times when the individual cannot afford funds, and the SUS will only pay for the equipment, as per Mara.

The Reouvir team performs the consultation two weeks after the machine has been given to make adjustments. An audiometry assessment is carried out a year later to determine if the patient is adjusted and happy. The device is also returned to the doctor at home every four months for cleaning since the wax can block the pores and blocks sound from passing without restriction. The program also examines the adjustments for monitoring and adjusting the mold because there’s a different size for every stage of life.

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