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CUMBERLAND -Always affordable and reliable, Allegany College of Maryland is taking on the “new normal” state of the higher education sector and the economy by doing what is best at listening and taking action to meet their needs. Students.

ACM provides a variety of educational, workforce development, and personal enrichment activities for both community and students. For more than six years, ACM has been a significant game-changer for employers in the region looking for skilled employees, working closely with small-business entrepreneurs, leaders of businesses, and other workforce and economic development organizations read more. It’s changed lives for over 22,000 graduates and hundreds of thousands of people who have pursued educational goals and credits in one of the seven centers within Maryland and Pennsylvania.

The rising cost of housing

Every time is known as the “People’s College,” ACM transforms communities and lives with new possibilities and degree programs and partnerships. 90% of students receive financial aid and scholarships. They also offer scholarships. The third most significant foundation for community colleges in Maryland, ACM Foundation, gives out more than 1 million dollars in scholarships each year.

ACM suspended fees and tuition for the academic year 2021-22 to assist students during the outbreak. The ACM Foundation awarded more than $64,000 in ACM Cares and emergency COVID-19 relief grants. The Student Financial Aid Office distributed approximately $4.2 million in COVID-19 federal funds. Its (ACM) Pantry, serving over 300 students and filling 807 requests since March 2019, was open by appointment during the pandemic’s peak to provide food for students in need.

Programming addition

Allegany College of Maryland ensures that local small-business owners, companies, and industries can access a high-skilled, well-educated workforce to draw upon during times of recession, booms, or even national crises. A committed community partner, it’s Allied Health program students, faculty, and staff followed the governor’s appeal to expand the health workforce and frequently work alongside ACM alumni. To combat the shortage of workers in the coming post-COVID healthcare environment, the college is increasing its cohorts and sections to the most sought-after programs.

Other than Allied Health programs, ACM has been able to meet the demands of employers by offering to its offerings an Associate in Applied Science degree and a one-year certificate in Data Analytics and An Associate of Applied Science degree in Engineering Automated Manufacturing Technology, A one-year certificate program for Social Media Marketing, and an Associate of Science in the Criminal Justice Criminal Investigations Area of Concentration, as well as a one-year degree with a focus on Criminal Investigations.

How to adapt to growth

A workforce-based ecosystem is an important goal for ACM. Appalachian Regional Commission and ACM. Starting in 2019, ACM joined forces with Allegany County, private and public partners such as ARC, along with employers and other partners to “make space” for design production, creation, and fabrication. The result of Western Maryland Works at Allegany College of Maryland is a 30,000 square-foot maker space that offers full-service and a workforce development and training facility, owned and operated by Allegany County and operated and controlled by ACM.

The flexible space is home to college degrees and non-credit continuing education and workforce development programs. They offer an encapsulated classroom and lab space for cutting-edge manufacturing technology, Digital manufacturing, maintenance for industrial welding, robotics, machining, and woodworking.

Participants gain National Institute of Metalworking Skills certificates and others recognized by the industry. Workforce training courses are excellent choices for professionals in the workplace and those who have lost their job or want to change careers because of the pandemic, the huge resignation, or changes to the regional economy.

Western Maryland Works at ACM proudly collaborates in partnership with Allegany County Public Schools to give high school students the chance to earn 39 college credits toward an A.A.S. Degree with a major in Engineering Automated Manufacturing Technology (AMT) at ACM, obtained 13 NIMS certificates, and received the Maryland Career & Technical completer certificate for Manufacturing Engineering Technology.

Change the game

With an annual impact of $106.7 million, Allegany College of Maryland is a primary economic driver and a trusted education institution located in remote Western Maryland. Students, taxpayers, and society, in general, reap the advantages of ACM education. Students earn $3.70 in their lifetime earnings for every dollar spent at ACM, and the club earns $2.60 in additional state revenue and social benefits. The total gain for taxpayers is $13.6 million in additional revenues and savings for the public sector. Students, on average, receive an average of 22.9 percent ROI on the investment. Value numbers and dollar indications aside, ACM’s vital provision of opportunities for lifelong learning is changing the way students learn for employees and community members every day.

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