John Legend Is Proud Of Chrissy Teigen For “Demystifying & Destigmatizing” Fertility Issues

John Legend couldn’t be more satisfied with Chrissy Teigen for being open about her fertility journey. The model, who was born in February of this year, model 36, confessed that she had been “balls deep in another IVF cycle,” one more than a year following her miscarriage. Then, Teigen announces that Teigen is said to have “finished her part” of IVF treatment; Legend is gushing over his wife for “demystifying and destigmatizing” pregnancy issues that women go through but are afraid to talk about.

“I think it’s easier to let people know because then you don’t have to hide what you’re going through,” Teigen, the “All Of Me” singer, said to Extra of Teigen’s decision to reveal the things she’s experienced. “And people are watching your out; they’re watching the things you’re doing. They’re a present in our lives in so many different ways that it’s hard to cover that fact because it’s real.”

“Many women — a lot of families — go through this,” the 12 times Grammy Award winner continued. “And I think Chrissy does a good job of demystifying and destigmatizing many things that people, I think, might’ve been ashamed to share before.” Legend was later quoted saying that losing their child Jack at 20 weeks old was “difficult” to share with the general public. Yet, it was significant to those who had to deal with similar situations.

“It’s been, like, a year and a half since that happened and people still come up to us all the time thanking Chrissy for sharing that and destigmatizing it and making people feel like it’s OK for them to share it with their loved ones,” The Voice coach explained. “Because it happens to so many people … and I think it’s really important that they feel like they’re not alone, and know that there are resources out there for them.”

In a heartbreaking post posted on Instagram in October, Teigen first announced the information about her pregnancy loss. 1st in 2020. “We are shocked and in the kind of deep pain you only hear about, the kind of pain we’ve never felt before,” she wrote, accompanied by a series of black and white images taken at the hospital. In a moving essay published on Medium in the month following, Teigen shared details about the tragic loss and expressed gratitude to her family, friends, and fans for their support and love.

The Cravings author spoke about her incident in a touching post on Instagram. “To the son we almost had,” she wrote alongside a picture of her crying with her husband sitting at her side in the hospital. “A year ago, you gave me the greatest pain I could ever imagine to show me I could survive anything, even if I didn’t want to.” She admitted that she still felt devastated in another spot on the page. “They told me it would get easier, but that hasn’t started yet,” she wrote.

Despite the unbearable pain that she endured over the last year and quarter, Teigen revealed last month that she was undergoing another cycle of IVF. “I wanted to let you guys know I’m balls deep in another IVF cycle to save as many eggs as possible and hopefully make some strong, healthy embryos,” Teigen wrote alongside a photo of her working out at the beach. She also informed her followers that she doesn’t dislike self-administration of the IVF shots. However, what she doesn’t like are uninvited comments from strangers who speculate on whether or not she’s expecting.

“The bloating is a bitch, so I humbly beg you to stop asking if I’m pregnant because while I know it’s said with excited, good intentions, it just kind of sucks to hear because I am the opposite of pregnant,” she wrote. “But also like please stop asking people, anyone, if they’re pregnant … I’d rather be the one to tell you and not some poor woman who will look you in the eyes through tears and that’s how you finally learn.”

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