How To Increase Kids Water Intake

If your son or daughter is a player, they must drink enough water. Appropriate moisture is essential to every system within our bodies. Your child’s specific water intake wants can differ based on their height and weight, biological sex, activity level, and even the weather.

If that sounds just like a lot, remember that total water intake recommendations include all sources—drinking water, other beverages, and food. Some kids can get more or less water from food and other drinks. Checking and one’s child’s urine can be quite a more accurate solution to see if they’re adequately hydrated.

Add Some Variety

Introducing quality, snow, or bubbles to water can be quite a fun change of pace for children and adults alike. Here certainly are a few easy possibilities you can test:


Not everybody is a fan of carbonated water. If kids like it, consider buying seltzer water for them or buying a Soda stream for your family. It allows you to bottle your fizzy water at home. If you’d like to flavor it, you could add a dash of their favorite fruit juice.

Elegant Snow Cubes.

You’ll find trays that make cool cubes for Lego lovers, Star Wars fans, and creative types (make suns, stars, woods, plants, and ocean life. You can also make good old-fashioned rectangular ice and add fruit, mint leaves, or a dash of juice to trace flavor and burst of color.

Fruit Garnish. Besides adding fruit to your ice, you can also have a cue from fancy spas and beach resorts and add it straight to your water. Decline sliced fruits or berries straight into your water pitcher, or here is another water bottle with a built-in infuser.

Fun straws.

Finding used hay that the kid gets thrilled to utilize might help cause them to drink more water.

Get Fun Bottles

An awesome or cute bottle can encourage kids to drink more water, so having a unique package or pot that you take with you most of the time. Plus, refillable containers don’t create waste.

Your children might choose a hay pot or possibly a little bottle or pot, which they load frequently. Often that’s less overwhelming compared to a grown-up measurement serving. Have a deposit of enjoyment used consuming straws in the home to fast them to fit their water intake.

Have the Potty Talk

Dark-colored urine can be quite a sign of dehydration, while lighter-colored pee is a sign that the human body is getting the hydration it needs. You may need to help young kids check and keep tabs on their general hydration status. Older kids explain that when their urine looks darker, they will grab a glass of water or refill their water bottle.

Set a Hydration Example

You and one other adult in your child’s life can set an example by regularly taking water, providing a water bottle together, searching for water fountains, etc.

Ensure it is more pleasurable for your entire family to attain their daily water goals by putting together a tag chart.

Please provide them with access. Do your children have their particular water bottles? Their particular cups? Do they know how to get a drink by themselves? This is taught at a very young age. Most toddlers that visit my home LOVE to drink water because we have the little dispenser on the leading of the fridge. They love to get this done themselves.

Explain the pee test to your kids. I have been misled to believe my children would drink when they were thirsty. That doesn’t connect with 6th graders. The most recent recommendation for the amount of water we drink is to check on one’s pee. Dark. Drink more. Light…good to go!

Flavor it up. Lots of individuals, including adults, prefer flavored water. There is nothing wrong with this. Please put in a squeeze of lemon, a fall of mint, or several frozen cherries for their water. Delicious!

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