10 on Tuesday/ My kid’s favorite books

Look who’s blogging today! What what! My baby decided she was okay sleeping unattached to me for a few hours so I jumped at the chance to blog a little. What better way than to link up with 10 on Tuesday.

Since I am home with my girls 9,445, 880 hours a week we have a lot of time to play games and read. Like a ton. They recently became very into having me read them books. Which I just love. There is nothing better than having their rapt attention for a few minutes seconds while they absorb a story. Seeing their eyes light up at parts they love and recognize is precious. I thought I would quickly list their favorite books and why they love them in case anyone is looking to add to their collection. {All books are linked to Amazon. }

Oh and by the way my girls are 3.5 yrs, 2 yrs and 5 months (not a huge reader that one).

fav books


1// Are you a Cow?.  If you have young kids and don’t own any Sandra Boyton books you are missing out. They are short, clever and extremely entertaining. We have LOTS. This one is a favorite because they love answering “NO” to each animal as the book asks “are you a ___” .

2// Big Preschool workbook. When I first flipped through this workbook I thought it was WAY above my 3.5 yr old’s head. Nope. Man, I am learning every day to let her try things I think she can’t handle. She can’t do all of the exercises but there are plenty she can do.  She loves the tracing exercises, the coloring and matching ones. Lots to do in this one.

3//Go Dog Go.  A classic by Dr. Seuss. I don’t know what it is about this book but it captivates them. They ask for it over and over and they freaking love when the dog asks “Do you like my hat?” over and over. I even enjoy reading it.

4//The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  Another classic. I will sheepishly admit that they had watched the Netflix version of this about a million times before I bought the book. But they love that they know what is coming every time (thanks Netflix). The illustrations are of course gorgeous.

5//First Words. Now this is a cool book. Both of my older girls love it. Basically it is a big, bright and colorful book full of illustrations of objects to help teach a child first words. But since my 3.5 year old loves it, it goes beyond that obviously.  They love me to point at an object and “call on them” to say what it is. I love that it pushes them to learn new words and concepts. Many of them they still don’t know but they seriously learn new words everyday with this book. It’s great.

6//I Love you Through and Through.  This is geared towards younger children and babies but they all like it. They mostly like to see what the kid is doing in each picture (crying, mad, playing…etc). Any chance to tell them I love you is good to me.

7//This Moose belongs to Me. I’m not going to lie, I was a little selfish when I added this one. The illustrations guys. Just gorgeous.It reminds me of our cross country road trip. I love to read this one to them. The language is above their level and definitely loses them a bit at times. But I like to stretch them and introduce bigger words. This is a good one for that. And they like that moose Marcel.

8//Snuggle Puppy.  Another Boynton book. This one is silly and sweet. You have to sing it like a song and they get a huge kick out of that. I like to change up the tune to keep them guessing.

9//Happy Hippo, Angry Duck.  Another Boynton. They’re just good. This one introduces the concept of different emotions very easily. For example, the first time I read it Emma asked me”What is Angry?”. Well thanks to this book she knows now.

10//Guess How Much I Love You. This one is also a show with episodes on Netflix. What can I say?We watch a lot of Netflix. They really like this one. It’s sweet and familiar because of the show.

Okay that’s all for today. I hope your kids will like these books. What are some of your family’s favorites? I love adding to our collection. Let me know in the comments.

Here is a post I made last year with some more of our favorite books! (There are 4 more Sandra Boyton books listed)

Bedtime routine with a toddler and a newborn

 Emerald was 19 months old when Alina was born. I knew going into it that having 2 kids under 2 would be no easy feat. I would have to say that the transition was surprisingly easier than I thought it would be but I think that had alot to do with my husband having a 2 month paternity leave (can I get a high-five?!).

 Back to my point. I think that one of the most challenging issues was creating a bedtime routine with a toddler and a newborn. Once Jonathan went back to working nights that made it even more difficult since I was doing it alone most nights. I can remember in those early days how stressful it was trying to time it juuuust right where I would have time to do bedtime with Emma without a hungry or tired Alina interrupting us. I thought we would never figure it out and that our bedtime was doomed to chaos.

I am here to tell you that if you just hang in there it does get easier. As do most things when it comes to having 2 under 2. In the meantime I thought I would share some tips that may or may not help. Some of these may seem pretty obvious or irrelevant to you so if you read this and think, “That didn’t help at all” then just keep doing whatever you’re doing and eventually it will get better.

bedtime routine

1. Have a routine already in place. I can’t stress this enough. I tell people all the time that I am so glad we worked hard on Emerald’s bedtime routine and sleep issues BEFORE Alina was born. Newborns have crazy enough sleep schedules that you don’t need a toddler who doesn’t know how to sleep either. If at all possible, get your toddler in a good routine before the new addition arrives. Having this in place did wonders for our family. It was our safety net. If you’re curious to read  how we got Emma sleeping so well read here.

2. Work your new baby into the existing routine. Along the same lines as #1, don’t try to create a brand new routine once baby gets here. You are going to have a confused and stressed out toddler. It is much easier to work around the schedule in place since newborns are generally flexible in the sense that they won’t notice if their bedtime gets pushed back 30 minutes every now and then but a toddler most definitely will.

3. Pacify the baby before you start bedtime routine. Bedtime is always 8pm at our house. So If I knew that the baby was supposed to eat at 8:15pm I would always feed her a little early so she wasn’t squawking just as I was trying to rock my toddler. Same goes for diaper changes and burping….just get them situated so you know you have a clear 15-20 mins.

4. Include the baby. There were times when I just couldn’t time it right and I ended up rocking both at one time. That’s ok. If you have to bring the baby into the routine by having them lay on the ground on a blanket or in their Rock and Play while you read, sing or rock your toddler then do it. For us this wasn’t ideal in the beginning since babies can be noisy and exciting to a toddler who you are trying to get to bed . But you just have to do what you have to do.

5. Ask for help. If you are blessed to have your spouse home every night for bedtime then that is awesome! Get them involved. I know on the nights Jon was home we would take turns. One would do bedtime routine with Emma while the other hung out with Alina. If you are going it alone then don’t be afraid to ask for help from your mom, sister, friend, neighbor….anyone you trust. Even just 30 minutes to help you get through bedtime in those early weeks will help tremendously.

I hope these helped or sparked some ideas. Of course, they are geared more towards the early newborn weeks. Bedtime now looks much different with a 2.5 year old and a 9 month old. It’s a sister affair with baths together and snuggles together while we pray and do our routine as a family. Those days are coming soon. You just hang in there and don’t stress about it mama!

5 Christmas items kids can interact with and Mommy won’t stress over!

It’s official. The holidays are in full swing around here and from the looks of my Instagram and Facebook feed they are just about everywhere else as well. If you were like me your Holiday decorations were up well before Thanksgiving. If you were holding off until the official Christmas season you are now in the clear and are probably pulling down your boxes as we speak.

Here’s the thing, decorating with little curious humans running around can be tricky. Of course we want to teach our girls that there are certain things we just don’t touch because we said so. But at the same time I want them to know that Christmas is fun and magical! I want them to be able to learn about the meaning of Christmas and interact (aka play) with some fun decorations! I need to not stress over thinking they are going to break every single thing that they pick up! It’s no fun for anyone to have to constantly say “No, put that down!”.

So I went on the hunt and found 5 Christmas items kids can interact with and Mommy won’t stress over.

You’re welcome.

stress free

1. Felt Christmas tree. Here’s an idea. Get your kids their own Christmas tree to decorate and re-decorate to their heart’s content. There are lots of these to be found on Etsy but I really love the look of this white one with bright ornaments. Just stick it on the wall and let them have at it. There is a vinyl version on Amazon that sticks to glass if that works better for your house.


2. Chalkboard Ornament. I’m really excited about this one ya’ll!  We all know and love the classic glass ball ornaments. But let’s be real, those are not a good idea with kids running around. Even with a kid who knows not to touch, all it takes is one bump or shake of the tree and you have a shattered mess. The solution is this handmade, chalkboard 1D version of the ball. It hangs on the tree but is a chalkboard so the kids can have so much fun writing and drawing on it. It  is smooth to the touch and wipes off effortlessly . You don’t have to fear them dropping it and is a great addition to your ornament collection. You really can’t go wrong and the price is outstanding. Get yours here.


3. Little People Nativity set.– It’s best to put your glass nativity set up high and out of reach and pull out a fun set like this one. My girls love anything Little People so this one is a no brainer. I love that they could play with it and it can be used as an awesome tool to tell the story of Jesus’ birth. Win win in my book.


4. Christmas Finger puppets. – I came across these on Etsy and thought they looked so cute! Imagine the bedtime fun you could have making up stories and reading Christmas books with the help of these little guys.


5. Nativity Puzzle.  – I know, another nativity set. I couldn’t help it. This one is so cool! This nativity can be set up and enjoyed as well as played with as a puzzle. I love how versatile it is. It can go from coffee table centerpiece to kids entertainment just like that. It’s handmade from Cedar so I know it smells amazing. Get yours here.


Have anything to add? Hope you enjoyed!

35+ Indoor activities to do with your toddler

Lately I feel like pulling out my hair just about everyday because I am out of ideas for indoor activities to do with my toddler. I’m not just talking about “Here, watch another Daniel Tiger episode” type of activity. We do far too much of that! I need ideas to keep her engaged and learning while being inside. It’s too chilly to depend on our standbys of the water table and swimming pool. Unfortunately I am just not very creative or motivated in coming up with my own ideas. So I thought I would put together a post of all the ideas I have found. Pinterest is amazing for this and I am wowed by the creativity of these moms out there pinning their ideas! I bow down to them. I want this to be a resource for me obviously, but for anyone else that needs ideas for activities to do with your toddler. So take a look and click through some of these links to find some fun, indoor activities! Some are more involved than others, it just depends on how desperate you are. There are 35 of them so you shouldn’t have any problems finding one that your toddler will love.

indoor activities

1. Bring outdoor toys inside

2. Crayons + Cardboard box= fun

3. Have fun with egg carton crafts

4.Mess Free finger painting

5. Do a color hunt! Love this one!

6.Make a heart shape bird feeder

7.Go fishing in your own bathtub

8.Have a drive in movie night (or day)

9.Busy Bags!

10. There are a lot of good ones here like paint with pudding, glue-stick puppets and  DIY placemats!

11.Pom pom drop

12.Indoor bubbles

13.Box fishing and Pipe cleaner spaghetti

14.Obstacle course (for crawlers too)

15.Balloon Hockey

16.Paper web made of streamers to climb through

17.Stuffed Animal run

18.Indoor bird watching

19.Build an indoor city

20.Bathtub + shaving cream bathtub paint!

21. Make pasta Jewelry

22.Paint with marshmallows and then eat your creations!

23.Make a masking tape racetrack

24.Dot to dot drawing with markers

25.Make marshmallow animals

26. Play shape hopscotch

27.Turn a laundry basket into a boat!

28.Make your own drums (bring earplugs)

29.Have fun with Googly eyes

30. Toddler car wash and Car color matching

31. Family Bowling (not what you think)

32. Balloon tennis with paper plate paddles

33. Use tongs to pick up blocks 

34.Let them wash their toys

35.Match tupper ware lids and containers

Easy Smoothie Recipe for kids

I have a super easy smoothie recipe for kids to share with you today! Most mornings I make a big smoothie to share with my 2 year old since she’s not a big veggie eater despite my efforts in that area. She has no idea that I stuff it full of green leaves and random veggies. Mwaahahaha.

The great things about smoothies is that you really don’t have to follow a certain recipe. Don’t have apples? Substitute pears or oranges… just use whatever you have in your fridge. As long as you have some green leafys, some fruit , maybe a veggie and then some liquid (water or milk) you are good to go.

Here is the general recipe that I follow most mornings because I have found this is the flavor that Emma likes best. Also it is worth mentioning that I use a Nutri Bullet. We bought it as a gift to ourselves last Christmas and use it for everything, even making baby food. But you certainly don’t have to own one to make smoothies. Any old blender will work.

smoothie 1


2 handfuls of baby spinach 

2 frozen banana halves

3 frozen apple slices

2 Frozen Carrot cubes 

2 handfuls of frozen blueberries


smoothie 2

Fill the blender with all the ingredients, then fill with enough water. I usually fill mine to just below the MAX line on my Nutri Bullet.

smoothie 3

Blend Away for a about a minute.

smoothie 4

Pour + Enjoy watching your toddler drink their fruits and veggies. Cup for toddlers found here

A few tips worth mentioning if you want to make smoothies regularly.

-Freeze all of the fruit that you use normally in your smoothies.

– Buy discounted bananas at your grocery store that are browning and then, peel, break in halves and freeze in gallon sized bags.

– Slice and peel apples and freeze in gallon bags.

-Wash and trim strawberries and freeze.

– For veggies that are harder to blend like carrots, I blend them before hand and freeze them in ice cube trays so they are easier to blend with your smoothie. Then I store the cubes like I would baby food.

– You could even do the same as above with Spinach or Kale

-Our favorite smoothie cups for toddlers. No spill and easy to clean. Here 

-Interested in trying the Nutri- Bullet? Go here.

What are your go to recipes for smoothies?

Gift Ideas for a 2 year old Girl

With only 8 weeks until Christmas I have found myself brainstorming for ideas for gifts ideas for the girls. It’s not that I am in a hurry for it to be here, no, I like to actually enjoy Thanksgiving and all the days until then. I just know that with 2 girls to buy gifts for this year I need to shop in advance so as to not spend so much at one time.

2 year olds are so fun to buy gifts for, especially Emma. She loves pretty much anything and gets so excited when she sees something that she likes.So I have thought of a few things I think she may like and wanted to list them here in case it gives anyone else in the same boat a few ideas. I will do a separate post for gift ideas for a 9 months old.


1. Princess Cozy Coupe + Trailer . We actually already have the pink Cozy Coupe but I think the trailer would be so fun! Emma loves to put things in a bucket and carry them around and then unpack them , then re-pack them. She would LOVE a trailer to pull around with her various babies and random rocks inside.

2. These adorable felt finger puppets from this Etsy shop. There are so many sets in her shop, I know I will have trouble picking just one.

3.  This Double sided art easel. One side is chalk and the other side is to color with markers. Emma LOVES to draw and I know she would have hours of fun with this.

4. Frozen. Need I say more?

5. This broom and dustpan set. Emma loves to help mama sweep, but she’s constantly knocking things over with a full-sized broom. She needs something more kid friendly.

6. Trampoline. We decided against a full size trampoline since we don’t want to have to move it next year. But this kids size could still be a lot of fun!

7.  She has recently gotten interested in taking a purse with her when we leave the house. She says “Oh Mama, my purse” and goes and gets this felt bucket that she carries around. So I think a purse like this would be a hit.

I doubt we will get her all of these things but these are just some ideas I am tossing around.  I’m sure I’ll think of more.

What are you getting your little ones?

A Day in the Life


 I stir to the sound of a little voice and the jingle jingle jingle of a stuffed elephant being played with coming through the monitor on my nightstand. I roll out of bed, stop to brush my teeth and head to the laundry room to start a load of clothes. I then quickly dress myself before I start to get the girls up.


Photo Oct 21, 9 23 49 AM

Breakfast time, where Emma usually requests a banana or pancakes which most days are the frozen kind.  A toy or stuffed animal from the crib  is always present at the table. And milk, always almond milk, because it’s her favorite.  Alina sits in her highchair playing with toys or attempting to get a few banana pieces in her mouth.  I fix a bottle and feed Alina while Em finishes her breakfast.


Photo Oct 21, 9 30 37 AM

I wipe them down and situate them in the living room with toys to play. I finish cleaning up breakfast, move the clothes to the dryer and sit down to pump. My pumping station is set up where I can see them playing. Emma usually rides up on her car and wants me to push her backwards with my feet. I always do. I talk to Alina and watch her play with whatever she can get her hands on. Today she’s in the exersaucer. She’s not crawling yet so sometimes I just sit her on the floor with a basket of toys.


Photo Oct 21, 10 50 11 AM

Time for Lina’s first nap. After laying her down I get Emma ready for the day. She doesn’t care to pick out her own clothes yet. I spray her hair with water and put it in pigtails. I love the little ringlets. Next, we get the clothes from the dryer to fold. She loves to help me fold clothes. This usually consists of her taking each article of clothing out of the basket a few pieces at a time until the basket is empty, then she climbs in the basket and sits. After folding clothes I fix her a snack, usually a bowl of grapes. I let her choose a show to watch. She picks Curious George. Some days it’s Daniel Tiger or Strawberry Shortcake. But usually George.


Photo Oct 21, 9 31 56 AM

Photo Oct 21, 11 07 21 AM

I sit down to check my emails and various social media while Emma watches her show. Today I get in about 15 minutes in before I hear little sister stirring awake. This was a short nap for her, I know she’ll be sleepy again soon. I watch her on the monitor quietly playing with her stuffed animals and know that she’ll be okay for a few minutes while I finish up. She always rolls her way to the end where her animals are and plays. Her favorite is the elephant that jingles.

11:15 am

Photo Oct 21, 11 25 30 AM

Photo Oct 21, 11 25 45 AM

Emma and I go get sister up from nap, which always excites Emma because it gives her a chance to climb on the guest bed and jump. It’s a battle I don’t fight. She loves it. Alina greets me with a grin and a happy exhale. I unzip her from her zippy and we climb on the guest bed with Emma. Lots of bouncing and rolling on each other ensues.

zippy 2

We head back into the living room to play some more. Some days we use this time to run errands or go outside. Today we just dump the toys on the floor and go for it. They love it when I sit down there with them. They usually both end up in my lap.  Building blocks is a favorite too. I get up after awhile to fix Alina a bottle since she’s getting fussy. I feed her and know that she’s ready for another nap.


Photo Oct 21, 12 29 37 PM

Alina usually joins us for lunch but today she is extra tired from the short nap. Emma and I sit down to lunch. She’s having cheese shapes, cuties, raisin toast and olives. She’s not a big lunch eater. I eat then quickly pump again while she finishes up. We head outside to take the trash out and get some fresh air. I take the monitor in case we stay awhile.  Emma always wants to see the neighbors dogs who bark incessantly at us, but she doesn’t seem to mind. She’s thrilled all the same.  We go and get the mail, stopping to pick up a few rocks.

Photo Oct 21, 12 50 07 PM

We go back inside to pick up toys and fold another load of laundry. Emma is pretty good about picking up toys and putting them back in the basket. She gets distracted by a toy she finds eventually. Today the rug needs vacuuming, so she climbs on the couch and watches while I vacuum.


Dad’s awake! Jonathan works night shift but today is one of his days off so he’s up early. On a work day he would sleep until about 3/3:30pm.  Emma is so happy to see daddy and they go off to the kitchen for their coffee routine where she helps him make coffee. She knows exactly how many cups of water and how many scoops he likes. After this they snuggle in his chair for a bit and get the blocks out again that we just picked up.


Nap for Emma is always at 2pm. Today she chooses a tennis ball and a little people toy to take with her. She always picks a ball but the other toy can vary. I sit down to finish up a blog post and return a few emails as well as chat with my hubby while he drinks his coffee and eats his breakfast.


I Hear Alina stirring on the monitor and feel relieved that she had a good long nap. Daddy goes and gets her and I can hear his singsong voice talking to her and her happily exhaling through the monitor. Some days If I need a break I can get their naps to coincide some but other days it doesn’t happen and I’m okay with that because it gives me one on one time with each of them. Daddy brings Alina to the living room where I have her bottle ready. I feed her then she plays awhile on the floor. Later she wants me to hold her again. So she sits with me while Jon and I talk. She likes to chew on my phone and I usually let her. I take her to the kitchen where I fix her some solids. She loves apples and sweet potatoes mixed together.


Time for Alina’s 3rd nap which is usually a short one. I sit down to pump again after putting her down.


We hear Emma stirring on the monitor. Some days she wakes up grumpy or weepy but today she is in a good mood. Especially when we tell her we are going to the park as soon as sister wakes up. I start gathering things I know we will need for the park. Extra snacks, drinks, a bottle and light jackets.  Alina wakes up soon and they play a bit before we load up in the car.

Photo Oct 22, 1 08 14 PM


Photo Oct 21, 5 53 54 PM

Photo Oct 21, 5 55 33 PM

Photo Oct 21, 6 03 39 PM

We go to our favorite park where Emma immediately heads for the swings. Her favorite is the swing meant for smaller children. For whatever reason that’s the one she likes. Today we talk her into letting Alina swing in that one.  She tries the other swings but then decides she would rather slide. Emma was too busy playing for pictures today.


Tonight we have to stop and get groceries on the way home. I am so glad that Jonathan is able to come with us. I wear Alina in the Ergo while Jon pushes Emma in the big , bulky shopping basket with the race car attached. He never denies her this.


Photo Oct 22, 6 21 40 PM

The girls play a bit outside with daddy while I cook a quick dinner. The days are getting shorter so it’s almost too dark outside.


Photo Oct 22, 5 51 24 PM

Dinner is messy and loud but everyone is hungry from playing at the park. Tonight it’s hamburger patties, black beans with rice and steamed broccoli. Emma devours the black beans and requests ranch dressing to which we tell her no. Alina eats a little of this and that and mostly just makes a mess on her tray.


Bedtime. Tonight we don’t do baths. Usually every other night. So getting ready for bed is a quick affair. Dad changes Emma and helps her brush her teeth while I change Alina and fix her last bottle. We gather in Emma’s room for bedtime prayer. We always do this when Daddy is home. Kisses and hugs all around while Jon settles into the rocker with Emma and I take Alina to her room for her bottle and snuggles.


Photo Oct 22, 10 44 36 PM

I quietly close the door to Alina’s room just as Jon quietly closes the door to Emma’s room. He stops to give me a hug in the hallway. I sit down to pump one last time for the day. After that I take a shower. While I shower Jon cleans up . Usually the dishes, trash and toys. After showering I stop in the kitchen to fix us a drink or snack. Tonight it’s lemonade for me and sweet tea for him. We both sit down in our chairs and sigh. We pick a movie to watch. Transformers. Some nights we watch our shows and sometimes we just sit in silence while we both work on our respective projects. Blog for me and app work for him.

12 midnight 

I make myself go to bed, even though I  wish could stay up longer and hang out with Jonathan. He will be up until 4am or so. Night shift. It was a good day. I put the monitor on my nightstand and hear the white noise from their rooms coming through. I close my eyes and sleep.

It was a good day.

“The days are long but the years are short”




Meal time favorites

mealtime favorites

Most days I feel like we spend half of our day either in the kitchen or around the table. I’m always fetching snacks and sippy cups, wiping peanut butter from bibs and brushing crumbs from high chairs and booster seats. Toddlers and babies can consume a surprising amount of food and make a not so surprising mess doing it. I’ve comprised a list of my 10 meal time favorite accessories. I’ve tried many different brands and models of things but these are what works for us. If it’s complicated to put together or store I don’t like it. I think the easier to clean the better!

Click on the item names below to see where it can be purchased. Enjoy!

1. Snap Bibs no longer avail.//2. Munchkin Bowls//3.Soft tipped Spoons//4. Training Sippy

5.Straw cups//6.Cups for Smoothies//7.Spill proof cups

8. Target Dollar spot Plates //9. Booster Seat

10. Highchair (Similar)

How we got rid of the pacifier for our toddler


I feel funny blogging about things like this as if I have loads of wisdom to share with other parents. I don’t, in case you were wondering. I just know that whenever I am trying to make a decision on how to go about doing something that involves my babies, I find reading others experiences so helpful. So here is our experience in hopes that it will encourage someone.

Emerald took a paci immediately, we’re talking hours after birth. I had a love/hate relationship with the thing until she was able to find and reinsert it in her own mouth in the middle of the night. This happened around 7-8 months. After that I loved it as much as she did. It looked cute and always calmed her down, helped her sleep though the night, helped her sleep in the car…etc. In my head I thought I would take it away around the 1 year mark, well that time came and went. I didn’t feel good about it in my mommy heart and it wasn’t causing any problems so it stayed. As she neared her second birthday I felt like it was time. I let her keep it during the transition of gaining a baby sister and moving to a new house. I wanted her to have that comfort and mostly I just wanted her to keep sleeping like an angel. Which she did.

1 month before she turned 2 years old I decided it was time. Day #1 I got them from her crib in the morning after she woke up and put them away (didn’t throw away yet). Nap time came and she asked for her paci. I told her “No more paci, they’re broken”. I didn’t feel like she would understand much more than that explanation. That first day was rough. She cried her whole nap and couldn’t settle herself. That night she fell asleep without trouble because she was so tired from having not napped. She woke at 11pm crying( which she never does) and we had already decided we would go to her if she cried. Her dad rocked her and put her back in the crib awake. She slept the rest of the night fine.

Day #2 She took about 20 minutes to fall asleep at nap with some minimal crying. Her nap was about 30 minutes shorter than normal as well. That night she had no trouble falling asleep and slept through the night fine.

After that we had 2 days of smooth sailing .She only asked for them occasionally and seemed to understand that they were gone.  I thought to myself ,”that was way too easy”. I was right. For about 4 more days she had rough naps, short naps, temper tantrums, meltdowns and night wakings. It really freaked me out because this is not how my child acts. She is normally very sweet and happy and an excellent and dependable sleeper. I thought I had ruined her good sleep habits.

Week #2. Things settled down, she became more attached to her stuffed animals and no longer cried at naptime or bedtime. She occasionally asked for them and we talked about how they were gone.

Present Day: Emma sleeps just fine if not better without her pacis. She doesn’t ask for them anymore and doesn’t seem bothered by the fact that her little sister has one. The rash is gone from around her mouth that was always there when she used pacis. I get to see her beautiful smile and cute teeth. She even has taken a few car naps.

She has become a little attached to having a ball with her when she sleeps. Yes, a ball…not a doll. She doesn’t play with it, just cuddles it so we’re letting her have them. It’s kind of funny actually. She has a crib full of stuffed animals that she loves and still she chooses a ball to take everywhere.

It’s a personal choice deciding how to go about this transition. Every child is different so what works for one may not work for another. I decided to go about it the way we did based on her personality. I knew cold turkey was the way to go, and also not making a grand affair of it (i.e  the paci fairy, sending them to babies who need them, santa taking them, cutting the tips off..etc)

Overall, I’m glad we did it when we did. I’m happy we didn’t force it sooner.