10 hilarious things my kids say

It’s Tuesday again and I’m linking up with Karli over at Sept. Farm.!

I thought to myself, what do I want to blog about self? Obviously it needs to be entertaining and along the lines of something I would normally post on this blog. The answer came to me easily. Without a doubt the most entertaining and amusing thing about my life these days is my girls…and the things they say. Several times a day they make me bust out laughing at the unexpected things that come out of their mouth. Usually it’s a conversation I overhear between the 2 of them or something they say directly to me. I mean…I can’t make this stuff up you guys. So here are 10 of the funniest things they have said lately. Enjoy!

Emerald, Age 3.5 years

Alina, Age 2 years

Seraphina- Age 5 months

things my kids say

1.// Emma watching the rain falling outside. She starts laughing “Mama look at those rain crumbs!”

2//Alina- “Mama can I hold Emma’s brown Kagaroot?”

3//I wrapped Emma’s hair up in a towel after her bath, you know how girls do. Well it fell off after a few seconds and she said “Mama I think my head is too small, maybe we can try again after my head grows up.”

4//Emma crying after an unfortunate mishap with the concrete and a scraped knee –“Mama my eyebrows are so sad”

5//Emma in Target- “Mama hold my hand because I’m about to run away”

6//Emma- “Mama when you were born was daddy holding you?”

7//Alina- “Look it’s a Elodoctor!” (helicopter)

Emma- “No, it’s Elllocopter Lina”

Alina- “oh ELLLodoctor” (with more flair this time)

Emma- “no ELLOcopter…like ELLOvator”

7//Me- “Emma, do you want me to fix your hair?” Her- “No thanks, I want it in my eyes”

8//Me- “Alina do you want a baby doll or care bear for your birthday?”  Her- “ummm….a cheesestick”

9//Me- “Alina did you break that Christmas light?” (she is actually standing with her hand on the light)  Her- “No, Sera broke it.” (Sera is an infant)

10//Emma got in trouble for taking the last strawberry off Alina’s plate. She apologized with her mouth full of chewed up strawberry and I thought that was the end of it. A few minutes later she comes to me and says quietly “Mama, I gave Alina her strawberry back”. 

Me- “The one from your mouth?!”

Emma- “yes”

I look at Alina who is just cheesing over there. “And did you eat it Alina?”

Mmm hmm” she nods, still cheesing.

I freaking love these ages! They keep me cracking up and on my toes!

Happy Tuesday!