Shoes that Glitter – Swim

We are melting here in Georgia! Absolutely melting. When I was pregnant with Emerald I thought that was the absolute worst time of the year to be due (August 4th). Nope, I was wrong. Turns out what’s worse is having to go through the summer in its entirety and be due right when you would get some relief from the heat.

I really shouldn’t complain. We are blessed to have central AC and although I don’t crank it down as low as I would like to it keeps us cool when we’re inside.

When the girls do talk me into taking them outside, which is about once per day, I need the minimum amount of hassle to get them ready. I mean, I don’t want to take the time to find socks and tie tennis shoes when it’s flipping 107 degrees outside. We like flip-flops ok but they stub their little toes and I find the “thong” part usually rubs them when they’re playing so hard.

What’s a mom to do you ask?

 Enter…. the perfect outside playing shoes for the melting days of Summer.

The Croc.

crocs shoes

I know, I know. I always had some preconceived idea about Crocs being tacky or something. Well as soon as I saw these babies listed on I was sold. They looked so cute with the bright colors and the glitter! I called Emma over to confirm that these were indeed every little girls dream come true and she said “Oh mama! Glitter….Purple!” with a dreamy look. I knew I had to get them.

crocs 5

I mean…look at that face.

Ordering from swim outlet was a piece of cake. They had a size chart that I ordered based off of since I had never ordered Crocs before and they fit exactly as they should!

crocs 4

These shoes are the best for saying “Ok we’re going outside, go grab your shoes”. They run to grab these and can put them on with no help. Well, I usually have to check that they are on the correct feet.

Needless to say we have found our favorite play shoes. They have worn them a dozen times at least already. These would be great for back to school (maybe with a thin sock) as well if your kids are going off to school.

crocs 1

Please check out for an awesome supply of back to school shoes, clothes and other cool things!

*This post was sponsored by Swim, all opinions are my own.