Seraphina : 5 months old

This is the first update I’ve done on Seraphina since I blogged her birth story.¬†What can I say? Time got away from me. And also I have 3 kids now so…yeah.

Sera is everyone’s favorite these days. We all compete for her attention when she is awake. She is happy, sweet and just adds so much love to our family.

sera 2

size: She weighs 18 lbs and is 26 inches long. She is in the 90th percentile for her age. She’s wearing a size 4 diaper. Yes a 4! She could probably still fit a 3 but I got tired of cleaning poop explosions out of her clothes so I moved up to a 4. She wears size 9 month clothes and I have no idea what size shoe because she never wears them. #thirdbabyprobs

sera 1

eating: Still 100% breastfed. I own a really great pump that I got from my insurance back in September. It’s just sitting there unopened. I know that’s a great problem to have though. You won’t find me complaining. After struggling with Alina to nurse after 3 months and having to pump. I don’t mind it sitting unused at all.

She nurses on demand. Honestly I don’t keep up with it. I think it’s about every 3-4 hours a day. At night she nurses even more frequently. Sometimes every 2 hours. It’s a work in progress.

She’s had a taste of avacado ,banana and apple. Just a spoonful or two. She wasn’t overly interested after that so I’m going to hold off a few more weeks.

sera 4

sleeping: She naps 3-4 times a day in the swing. I don’t know what I would do without our swing.¬†Right now it’s the only place she will nap. At night she sleeps in the rock and play beside our bed but will only sleep 2-3 hour stretches in that. Sometimes I pull her into bed with me and of course she will sleep longer stretches there but pretty soon I am going to move her to the crib. All of my kids do this until about 6 months and then they’re golden. It’s coming little missy.

sera 5

movement: She finally rolled over! Now she’s rolling all over the place. She likes to play in her new exersaucer or sit in her little chair with some toys.

sera 6

likes: Mama and Emma are probably her favorites right now. Emma can get her to laugh better than anyone and she pouts when she walks away. It is the cutest thing. She loves to be held, loves to ride in the Ergo and just basically like to have your attention.

dislikes: um..sleeping….being left alone. Oh and pacis! Never had a baby that will not take one.

sera 3

I love this age. Still a baby, still likes to be cuddled before the independence sets in. Can’t wait to see what the next months hold.