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About a year ago I got interested in makeup, or rather interested in learning more about it and how to apply it. Up until that time I was the girl with the flawless skin and I never really cared about it. Until one day I looked in the mirror and realized a little makeup (or a little more effort) wouldn’t hurt me, I wasn’t getting any younger after all. I started watching tutorials on You tube in my spare time at night and I subscribed to Ipsy. I asked for gift cards to ULTA for my birthday and I haven’t looked back. I am still not that great at it but I really love finding new products and trying new things. I actually look forward to doing my makeup (which is NOT every day). It’s like my “me time”. I haven’t ventured into the high-end makeup realm, although I do have a few things on my wish list. I mostly stick to drugstore products and whatever comes in my Ipsy bag.

Here are 10 of my favorite makeup products that are my go to stash right now. They are all linked to Amazon but can also be found at Target, Ulta, Walmart or wherever you buy drugstore makeup.

favorite makeup

1// Smashbox Photo Finish Primer oil. Now I know I just got through saying that I use drugstore makeup, but to be fair I got this in an Ipsy bag. I love it. Before this I thought the notion of a primer was a waste of money. Until I tried this extremely moisturizing primer oil. It gets my dry skin ready for foundation so well.

2//Maybelline Fit me Foundation/Concealer. I’m a big fan of the Maybelline Fit me products. Both the foundation and concealers are fabulous for the price (I own 3 of the concealers). I didn’t buy the correct color in the foundation but I still love the formula. I’ll explain how I correct my foundation in a bit.

3//Physicians formula butter bronzer. The smoothest, creamiest bronzer you ever will find. It smells like a pina colada and has the prettiest packaging. I love this for giving my pale skin a little glow.

4//Manic panic dreamtone foundation color corrector in Virgin. No I did not go goth. I heard about this stuff from the you-tuber Kathleen Lights and I knew I needed it. See ..I have a problem buying the right color foundation. I have bought several bottles that are too dark. I mix a pump of this with those foundations and voila…perfect shade.

5//NYX micro brow pencil. Not all that exciting but this is a great, affordable eyebrow pencil.

6//Wet N Wild lash out loud MAX volume plus mascara. I have been on the hunt for a great affordable mascara for a while now. I tried a few pricier ones and then this one. This one takes the cake. I love it and will use it until I find something that can beat the price and quality.

7//Milani everyday eye shadow collection – plum basics. I recently fell in love with Milani products. I just love this palette and really its all I use nowadays for eye shadow. There are other color palettes in the collection I would love to get as well.

8//Milani baked blush in Luminoso– Another Milani product I adore. The color is peachy and fun. Perfect for everyday.

9//Mr. Write now eyeliner. I don’t wear all that much eyeliner but I got this one in an Ipsy bag and I really like it. It’s creamy and natural looking since it’s a plum color instead of black.

10//Meet Matte Hughes in Committed. I get more compliments on my lip color when I wear this matte liquid lipstick than any other. I got this one in an Ipsy bag and I’ve grown to really like this brand.

So, there are 10 items I have in my makeup stash right now that I use regularly. Of course, there are other items I use as well that I didn’t mention. But these are my favorites and I hope you enjoyed reading about them . What are some of your go to favorites? Let me know in the comments?

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August 2015 Ipsy Glam bag review

august glam bag

I was so excited to get my very first Glam bag from Ipsy this month! I had been trying to decide between Birchbox and Ipsy for awhile and I just went with Ipsy on a whim and I think I am going to love it! I am in no way a beauty blogger nor am I trying to be. My reason for reviewing these bags is for other moms who are like me. I wear makeup maybe 2-3 times a week and am trying to learn more about it and put more of an effort into it. I have been watching makeup tutorials and you tube videos late at night when I should be sleeping. I feel good when I wear it and really enjoy learning about how to apply it to complement my features. I figured Ipsy would be a good way to build up my hilariously “middle school- esque” makeup supply without breaking the bank. So here is my August Glam bag from Ipsy.

August Ipsy Glam bag

1. Albertini Divine Skin Hydrator. ($16) I received a tester version of this and I liked it. I have used these in shower lotions from other brands before and I love the way they leave my skin feeling. It’s not something I see as a necessity but it’s nice if I want something to pamper with. This particular one worked great but It had no scent, I wish it had a scent. I probably would not purchase a full size bottle for the price.

2. Doll 10 HydraGel blush in the color Flirt. ($16) I received a full size version of this blush. I have never used a cream blush but I must say that I loved it! It applies very pigmented but is able to be blended and smoothed easily. I love the way it looks. I have already worn it several times.

3. Noyah natural Lipstick in the color Desert Rose. ($18) I got a tester size of this one and again I loved it! Such a pretty color. I’m just getting into wearing lip color and this is a perfect starter one. Not too crazy, just a pretty pink rose color. I have worn it several times.

4. La Fresh Group, Good Night, Night Cream. ($40) I got a small tester of this night cream and I was very impressed. It has no scent but I love the way it makes my face feel. Even the next morning my skin feels soft and even brighter if that’s possible. I definitely can’t purchase a $40 night cream right now but I think it would be worth it if that’s your price range.

5. Lord and Berry, lipliner in Nude. ($18) This was probably my least favorite item in the bag, but I think that’s because I don’t know how to use it appropriately. It’s a pretty nude color but I’m not sure it’s for me. I need to experiment with it some more.

If you’re interested in signing up for Ipsy I do recommend it. It’s $10 a month and you can personalize your bag to your tastes. Click this link to sign up .Click Here.

p.s. I get extra points if you sign up through my link 😉

Leave a comment below if you got a glam bag too! I would love to check out your review or picture!