Happy April!

I haven’t done a Lately post since before Seraphina was born so I thought it was time for one. Today I’m linking up with Oh Hey Friday, 5 on Friday and Friday Favorites. I love these linkups and it’s an easy way to find more bloggy friends so check them out.


1//California. For years we talked about stepping out and doing something adventurous. Jonathan would always say the line from The Lord of the Rings when old Bilbo is talking to Gandalf “I want to see mountains again. Mountains Gandalf! “. It was our way of saying we wanted adventure, we wanted to see sights and do spontaneous things. We wanted more than what we were doing. Most days I can’t believe that we actually did it. That we picked up our lives and moved 2, 700 miles away from home. It has been 90% wonderful and amazing. I’m kind of falling in love with California. I love the weather, the amazing views, the fun adventures our family goes on (read here, here and here). The job opportunities have been unbeatable for our line of work and financially the best thing for us. The other 10% is that we do get lonely and miss our family terribly. We’re sad the girls don’t see their grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles regularly. We miss home. But for now we are happy here. We can finally dream again.


2// Seraphina. My baby is 5 months old. I have a new post coming soon with all of her updates and stats. But I really can’t believe how quickly the baby stage went by. I knew it was going to be fast but gee whiz. She is my little angel. Sweet and happy all the time. If I could only get her to sleep at night I would clone her and have 10 more. Speaking of sleeping at night. That is my mission in the next few weeks. Get her to sleep so I can finally sleep.  And all the moms that nurse/feed babies all night said Amen. Amen.

la croix water

3//La Croix water.  I don’t know where I’ve been the past…however long these have been around. Usually I hate drinks like this. Fake ones. I love my sweet tea and soda. However, it does not love me. I have been making an effort to eat healthier the past few weeks so I can drop the rest of this baby soda/sweet tea weight. I picked these up on a whim and fell in love. It still has the carbonation that I apparently love and a hint of flavor but not really since there is nothing in them. I drink one at night while I’m blogging or watching shows and it has helped curb the snacking.


4//Daredevil. We just finished binge watching all of season 2 this past week. It’s a tad gory for my taste, I just look down during some parts but darn it if we’re not hooked on ol’ Murdock. Thank you Netflix for these awesome Netflix original shows. Here are 10 other shows and movies that we love.

Let it echo

5// I have this album from Jesus Culture playing on repeat. While I wash dishes, when I drive or even while I eat lunch with the girls. It is so so good. It brings a calm atmosphere when it gets chaotic. Try it, you won’t be sorry.

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10 hilarious things my kids say

It’s Tuesday again and I’m linking up with Karli over at Sept. Farm.!

I thought to myself, what do I want to blog about self? Obviously it needs to be entertaining and along the lines of something I would normally post on this blog. The answer came to me easily. Without a doubt the most entertaining and amusing thing about my life these days is my girls…and the things they say. Several times a day they make me bust out laughing at the unexpected things that come out of their mouth. Usually it’s a conversation I overhear between the 2 of them or something they say directly to me. I mean…I can’t make this stuff up you guys. So here are 10 of the funniest things they have said lately. Enjoy!

Emerald, Age 3.5 years

Alina, Age 2 years

Seraphina- Age 5 months

things my kids say

1.// Emma watching the rain falling outside. She starts laughing “Mama look at those rain crumbs!”

2//Alina- “Mama can I hold Emma’s brown Kagaroot?”

3//I wrapped Emma’s hair up in a towel after her bath, you know how girls do. Well it fell off after a few seconds and she said “Mama I think my head is too small, maybe we can try again after my head grows up.”

4//Emma crying after an unfortunate mishap with the concrete and a scraped knee –“Mama my eyebrows are so sad”

5//Emma in Target- “Mama hold my hand because I’m about to run away”

6//Emma- “Mama when you were born was daddy holding you?”

7//Alina- “Look it’s a Elodoctor!” (helicopter)

Emma- “No, it’s Elllocopter Lina”

Alina- “oh ELLLodoctor” (with more flair this time)

Emma- “no ELLOcopter…like ELLOvator”

7//Me- “Emma, do you want me to fix your hair?” Her- “No thanks, I want it in my eyes”

8//Me- “Alina do you want a baby doll or care bear for your birthday?”  Her- “ummm….a cheesestick”

9//Me- “Alina did you break that Christmas light?” (she is actually standing with her hand on the light)  Her- “No, Sera broke it.” (Sera is an infant)

10//Emma got in trouble for taking the last strawberry off Alina’s plate. She apologized with her mouth full of chewed up strawberry and I thought that was the end of it. A few minutes later she comes to me and says quietly “Mama, I gave Alina her strawberry back”. 

Me- “The one from your mouth?!”

Emma- “yes”

I look at Alina who is just cheesing over there. “And did you eat it Alina?”

Mmm hmm” she nods, still cheesing.

I freaking love these ages! They keep me cracking up and on my toes!

Happy Tuesday!