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I’m just feeling the need to be brutally honest today. A confessional of sorts. I think I’ve seen one too many crispy coordinated Instagram posts lately so I need to even the playing field some. Don’t get me wrong, I love a pretty, staged pic just as much as the next gal but 99% of the time, that is not my life. So here goes.

1//My living room looks like the aftermath of a toy explosion the majority of the time and it doesn’t bother me. I clean it up every other day or so. Meh.

2//I don’t vacuum. My husband does.

3//My kids watch tv…alot. Like you would probably mom judge me if you knew how much.

4//I wash my hair maybe twice a week.

5//Sometimes I put my kids to bed early because I.just.can’t.

6//I did not do Easter baskets this year…no egg hunts either, no pictures with scary bunnies or anything. I’m surprisingly ok with it.

7//Some days I think we could be done having kids….other days I want 4 more.

8//My husband and I both feel guilty for making them leave the majority of their toys 2,700 miles away when we moved…so sometimes they get a new toy like every week. Hence the toy explosion problem.

9//I don’t bathe them every night. nope.

10// My taste in food is like that of a teenage boy. Pizza? yep. Sweets? yep. Soda? yep. I have to make myself eat veggies. Except salad…I like salad.

So now that I’ve aired my laundry, it’s your turn.


1) Watch this video below because it is spot on. I can so relate to this mom…we’ve all been there!

2.) Leave me a comment telling me a confession, a mom-moment (good or bad) or a mom-dream. Anything that we moms can relate to and say “Hey I’ve been there sister!”

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