Gift ideas for a 2 year old girl

I made a very similar post to this one here . In fact it’s titled the exact same thing and is one of the most pinned posts on this blog. However, that post is over 2 years old and was made with a different 2 year old girl in mind. Now that I have lived through having a second 2 year old girl I thought a new list was in order. One with newer, fresher suggestions. I mean, at this point I’m basically an expert on what a 2 year old girl would want.

All these are linked below.

  gift ideas for 2 year old girl

1//First Words Book.  A very cool book if you have a little one that loves pointing and naming things. There are so many pretty object/animal/word illustrations in this book. They could spend hours looking at it..or you know… 15 minutes since that’s about their attention span. Here’s a post with more book suggestions.

2//Minnie Mouse Grocery Cart. Or as we Southerners call it, a “grocery buggy”.  To push around play food, stuffed animals and the random knickknacks that 2 year olds like to collect.

3//Cool plates.  I know it isn’t the most exciting gift but these plates are the most durable, picture friendly plates you will find (you know..for those lunchtime IG snaps) . We own lots.

4//Play food. For the girl who loves to cook. This is a great set with durable pieces. My girl loves the bread slices, mac and cheese and cereal bowl the best.

5// Little Bookbag. I love these book bags. They are small but not too small. Perfect for carrying on a road trip or just to the store with your little one. This same brand can be bought on Etsy too. We had ours embroidered with her name and that was the icing on the cake.

6//Play Kitchen.  I should have listed this before the grocery cart and play food. It would have made more sense. Every little girl needs a kitchen and this is a great one. It has 4 parts that open and close (oven, microwave, cabinet, fridge). It has a sink, a burner, a phone, a towel bar and the best part…a coffee pot. This is the most played with thing in our house.

7//Panties. Because it would be nice to think they will use them soon and they’ll be thrilled with the characters on them.

That’s all I have today! What are some things you think a 2 year old girl would love? Let me know in the comments.

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Gift Ideas for a 2 year old boy

I thought it only fair, since I posted my gift ideas for a 2 year old girl and a 9 month old girl  that I put together one for a boy. Of course, I don’t have a boy so I turned to my sister for help. She has 2 boys that are almost the same age as my girls. I said “I need you to tell me the top things your big boy would love for Christmas!”. She didn’t disappoint. Oh the wonderful world of boy’s toys. I love this list and I know many of you have boys that would love some of these things too! So here you have it, gift ideas for a 2-year-old boy.

boy gifts

Click on the links below to see where they can be purchased.

1.Drum Set//2.Thomas the train play rug//3.Balls

4.Loops N Swoop racetrack//5.Riding tractor//6.Wooden trains

7.Aliens in underpants book//8.Superhero toys

Gift ideas for a 9 month old girl

I love brainstorming for gift ideas, I love finding that special something that I know someone would just love! That’s why I am so excited about Christmas this year. I mean, I’m excited every year, but this year is going to be the best. It’s our first year as a family of 4, Emma can actually understand what is going on  (i.e how to open her own gifts), and Alina is mobile enough to enjoy the festivities as well! I just can’t wait to hear the little girl squeals when they open their gifts. I already made a list of gift ideas for a 2 year old so now it’s time to get my list going for Alina, my 9 month old.

9 month gift ideas

1. Baby’s first Bible.  For Emma’s first Christmas we gave her a baby Bible with an inscription from her dad in it so we are making it a tradition for all of our children. I don’t know if this is the exact one we will get but I like the look of it.

2. Laugh and Play Love to Learn Sis. I’ve seen a similar one  around for awhile but always thought it was a little too pricey. Well, now there’s a smaller version for a smaller price! It sings, counts, says the ABC’s and lots of other fun stuff! I like that it is a toy that can grow with her.

3.Bath Toys. Since she’s about to graduate to the big tub and out of the baby tub I thought some new tub toys would be nice. I like these.

4.My first purse. At this point we own about every girl toy out there so trying to find something we don’t have is a challenge. Surprisingly we don’t have a purse. This girl needs a purse right?!

5. Baby Einstein Bendy Ball . This looks like something she will love! She loves balls and this one looks bright and easy to hold onto.

6. Karen Katz BooksWe are a little crazy about these books in our house. My girls absolutely love them. Each page has something you lift to “find” what’s underneath. So much fun for a baby! We have a few already but I am loving this one for Miss Alina.

7. Hootie Cutie. Alina loves stuffed toys and I love how this one looks. I know she will like all the gadgets on this one.

8. Melissa and Doug puzzle. I love Melissa and Doug toys so I really like this puzzle as a beginner puzzle for her.

That’s all the ideas I have for now. Do you have any ideas for a 9-12 month girl? Let me know in the comments.