Emerald’s Birth Story Part 2

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 I was checked for progress continually throughout the day by my nurse and the Doc. I don’t know what happened at this point. I just stalled out, I stayed at 4 cm for hours. It’s like my body just quit responding, or never really responded in the first place. We tried different positioning and we maxed out the pitocin dosage. All I can say is thank you God for the epidural because the contractions were strong just ineffective.

By this point, about 3 pm, I was  in tears. My epidural was wearing off and I knew something had to be done soon or my baby was at risk for infection. I was deliriously tired after almost 48 hours with no sleep. The doctor was so kind. He knew that I reeeally did not want a c section as I had mentioned this to him numerous times. He agreed to let me keep trying for a few more hours. We tried, really we did but the down side to an epidural is that you can’t move or walk or do any of those things that could help pick-up labor.

So in the end we did the only option left to us, we opted for a c-section. The one thing I really did not want. I was terrified that if I had a c section I would be limited in the future as to how many children I could carry. We have always wanted a large family with 5-6 kids, no joke. But my Doctor assured me that if I stayed healthy and my uterus held up I could try for a VBAC next time.

   We notified our families and they prepped and rolled me back. Since it wasn’t really an “emergency” c section, more of a “failure to progress” c section it was kind of laid back affair. I was really groggy and sleepy the whole time. It’s like as soon as we agreed to do it ,my mind just shut off and all my adrenaline faded. I told Jonathan the other day that I wish I remembered more of what happened during this time. All I know is they gave me some really heavy drugs, prepped me, brought Jonathan into the operating room and in under 10 minutes the loudest girly cry filled the room. I was so happy and relieved and I didn’t care at that moment how she had arrived; only that she HAD! Her poor little head had been stuck in my pelvis.

emma 1

   Emerald Mercy Hutto was born at 6:48 pm on July 31st, 2012. 7lbs 6 oz, 21 inches long. After I had seen her for the first time and touched her little face and told her “Hi baby, Mommy is so glad you’re here”, she and Jonathan left the room and they gave me some more heavy medicine and I quite literally passed out from exhaustion. The next time I woke up I was in recovery and my husband was handing me my little baby! Pure Joy.

emma 2

We were in recovery for about 45 minutes and it was so quiet and peaceful. Because it was so late at night we were the only ones in the room. It was a very private, special time and one I will always cherish. I nursed her for the first time, we took tons of pictures and marveled over our first baby. I drank my weight in Sprite since I was so thirsty from over 12 hours without drink.

emma 3

Even thought I knew our family was waiting to see her we took our time. She was finally here after 2 whole days in the hospital and I was not rushing this.

emma 4

We spent a total of 5 days in the hospital before we took our precious girl home to our new life.

Emerald’s Birth Story

 Emerald’s Birth Story

Jonathan worked night shift and I had been on a night shift schedule with him so that we could spend time together. The night of July 29th neither of us could go to sleep even though I had my 39 week appointment the next morning at 8 am! By the time 5 am rolled around, neither of us had come close to falling asleep so we got up and did the only thing to do that early in the morning. We got a Starbucks and headed to watch the sunrise on the beach. Looking back I know it was Jesus giving us this last moment together with just the two of us. He’s Good that way.

We then headed to my appointment. On the way I mentioned to Jonathan that I had been having some regular contractions since about 4am. No biggie, I had these all the time. However in the back of my mind I was thinking that these felt different, stronger. At the appointment I had a scheduled NST where I was showing strong, regular contractions every 3-5 minutes. My doctor was of the mindset to go ahead and admit me, he convinced me that if he broke my water that labor would intensify on its own and we could have this baby today.

Of course I said ok. and we headed to the hospital at 10 am.

39 weeks pregnant

Let me remind you that neither of us had any sleep at all the night before. We felt like walking zombies. They admitted me, hooked me up to fluids and a monitor where I stayed semi-uncomfortable until about 5pm when the doctor came around to break my water. Well, let me tell you something, that was the most painful thing I have ever felt and I consider myself a pretty tough person. For whatever reason he was unable to puncture the bag of fluids. He must have tried for 20 minutes. It was horrible.

So at this point I am in extreme pain, bleeding heavily now, cramping and definitely having worse contractions even though my water was indeed still intact. I was given the option to go home but once again I didn’t know what to do. Jonathan was completely supportive of whatever I wanted to do but he didn’t know either. The problem was at this point I just wanted this baby out! I was completely sleep deprived so whatever amount of pain I was feeling was intensified.  So I opted to stay overnight, I found it comforting to be monitored. So we stayed, ate Chick-filet, walked the hallways, watched the Olympics on TV, walked some more and pretty much didn’t get any sleep for the 2nd night in a row. I was offered Ambien but turned it down, I wish I had taken it!

6 am rolls around and my wonderful nurse let me have apple juice even though I was supposed to be NPO. The doctor came in about this time to try and break my water a 2nd time. I was so nervous and on edge because of how bad it had hurt the day before. He was successful in under a minute. It didn’t hurt at all! We all could not believe the difference in the 2 times that he tried. He wanted to start me on a low dose of pitocin to speed things up. This was something I wasn’t too sure about but I just went with it. My contractions immediately intensified. It was painful but I was so excited to be on the road to getting her out! But By 10 am I was done for, no sleep in 2 days and the contractions were killer. So I go an epidural.

After that it was wonderful! I freaking loved that epidural. I was able to nap for about an hour when my nurse rushed in to look at my monitor, freaking me out in the process. The baby had had a heart decel for no apparent reason. So I switched sides and her HR came back up. After that I napped a little bit more.

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Emerald is three

emma bday 2

Yesterday my first born turned 3 years old. So unbelievable. If you think she looks sweet in these pictures just meet her in real life. She is everything pure and princess. I wish I had a way to capture her in words as she is now. I will do my best but am holding onto every moment so I don’t forget.

Name: Emerald Mercy

Age: 3 yrs

Hair: Dark blonde and Curly Q ringlets, getting longer every day

Favorite Food: dry cereal, noodles, grapes, blueberries, SWEETS!

Favorite Shows/Movies: Curious George, Toy Story, Buzz Bee, Clifford, Leap Frog, Strawberry Shortcake, Daniel Tiger and More. She LOVES her shows as she always has.

Favorite toys : Anything small and hold-able. Right now she loves her collection of miniature dinosaurs and safari animals. She also has a few favorites that include a cow, pig, train and a few cars. She can usually be found playing with a combination of these things. Putting them in random drawers and cabinets to “take a nap”. It’s not unusual to find a plastic dino in my pots. She also has a love for her stuffed animals. Often toting them around and taking them in stores with us.

Play time: She begs to go outside every day. Loves to play in the water table  we purchased last year for her birthday, loves to swim in our inflatable dinosaur pool. Take her to the park or beach and she will play until you make her leave. On another note she also can be happy playing inside for long amounts of time. She plays fairly well with Alina and likes to “pretend play” with her babies.

emma bday 3

emma bday 4.svg

Clothes: She wears a 4t in most things though we still have a lot of 3t that we are trying to get through the summer with. She wears a size 7-8 in shoes. She’s great at putting on her panties and shorts, needs help with her shirts but can handle her own flip flops if you show her which feet they go on. These days the weather is so hot she loves to not wear anything but her panties inside and when she sleeps. I’m a warm sleeper too so I understand.

Sleep: We moved to a twin bed a few months ago and it’s like she never missed a beat. She LOVES her bed. I let her help pick her covers and that was that. She sleeps just as well in her big bed as she did in her crib. She sleeps 12-13 hours at night. She stopped taking naps a few months ago as well. It was a gradual thing but in the end I settled on letting her have “rest time” for 1 hour or more everyday. She gets a few toys and knows she must sit in her bed and play quietly. She looks forward to this and it really does help her recharge to make it through the rest of the day.

Potty: She has been potty trained for about 6 months. Well, half trained. I say half because she refused to poop in the potty until about 2 weeks ago. I tried many methods to get her to but she simply refused. Choosing instead to wait until nap or bedtime to go in her pull-up. I tried bribery, discipline and you name it. She was golden with tinkling on the potty….never had an accident but nope… no poop. Eventually I gave up and said she will go when she is ready and backed way off. About 2 weeks ago it must have clicked for her. She decided to go #2 and has been accident free since! Now we are working on dropping the pull up at night. Hooray for a potty trained girl!

emma bday 1

emma bday 6

Things to remember: The way she always wakes up happy and waits for someone to come get her.

When she gets excited she talks fast, often saying the sweetest things to butter you up

How daddy is just about her favorite human being ever. She comes alive when he gets home from work! They have their play routine that includes piggyback rides, horsey, blocks, running in circles, tickling and more.

How she sometimes is so sweet to Alina, often finding her a paci or stuffed animal if she is upset

When I tuck her in at night I have to say goodnight to whatever it is that she is sleeping with. I usually find myself kissing a plastic dino goodnight.

She asks about the baby in my belly a lot. She seems to understand that she is coming after she grows a bit bigger. Often she asks if the baby will have certain body parts (lips, feet etc) and if she’ll be able to do stuff like play, swing and eat.

emma bday 5

I love you Emma Lou bear. You are a rare and precious gem. You light up our world and I am so thankful so are going to be the biggest sister for our lot of girls.

Happy 3rd birthday!