What to pack in a diaper bag for a newborn

Cleaning out my diaper bag yesterday I started thinking about how in the beginning, when I first brought Emerald home,  I had no idea what to pack in a diaper bag. I had her bag stuffed full of this and that and mostly a lot of things I did not need. Since I am now on my second baby I think I have figured out what is a must in the diaper bag and what can be left at home. Of course, this is my opinion and is tailored to my baby’s needs. You may find your needs are different. Also keep in mind that this is for a newborn to 5ish month old and for a breastfed baby. After this season it completely changes, another post for another day.




1. A Diaper Bag.  Obviously you need a diaper bag or something to carry your “stuff” in. For both of my girls I have ended up getting a 31 Gifts bag. With Emerald I got a Cindy tote and with Alina I got a Zip top utility tote. I like both of them and still use them. I loved that I could personalize them and that they would last long past the “diaper bag” stage. Now I use them for overnight trips to Mimi’s house. Whatever you choose make sure it is a choice you can live with because you pretty much don’t go anywhere without it for a while.

 2. Diapers. I’m not a diaper snob, I’ll try just about any diaper once. Right now we love LUVS. I started out keeping about 10 diapers in my bag, you never know with a newborn. Now I keep about 5-6 in there. You can’t really go wrong packing diapers, after all it is a “Diaper” bag.

3. Baby Wipes. I have tried lots of different wipes but the ones I keep coming back to are Huggies One and Done the Refreshing scent.

4. Extra clothes for baby. I keep a minimum of 2 changes of clothes in my bag. Usually 1 full set and then an extra onesie . Without fail, the one time I forgot to pack them I ended up with a naked child. Also don’t forget to replace the extra outfits as they grow. You don’t want a newborn onesie for your 4 month old as the only choice in your diaper bag.

5. Pacifiers. Love them, hate them , don’t use them or hoard them… We don’t leave home without at least 2.

6. Nursing Cover. Like I said, to each their own. I like to have a cover when I nurse in public.

7. Changing Pad. We use our portable changing pad very often. It’s so handy to have when you need to do a quick diaper change anywhere other than home. Wipes clean, has extra pockets and comes with an extra wipes case. It folds up nice and neat and has a strap if you need to carry it solo.

8. Burp Cloth. Spit up, drool, snot…you name it. Just pack one…or two.

9. Extra Blanket. When my baby was itty bitty we never left home without an extra blanket. Handy for keeping warm, covering the car seat from nosy people in Target and it can act as an emergency burp cloth or changing pad in case you forgot to pack #7 and #8. We still bring one along. A smaller one though.

10.  Extra Shirt for mommy. Do yourself a favor and stick a shirt (that you don’t wear often and won’t miss) in the bottom of your diaper bag. I’ve had to pull mine out a few times and I always thank myself!

I am sure I could add a few more things but when I stop and think of what is absolutely necessary, these things pop up first. So here you go. I hope you found this helpful.

What are some things that you find necessary to keep handy? Let me know in the comments.