Emma’s Room: Shabby chic kid’s room

I’ve always wanted to do a post with pictures of Emma’s room or really any room in our house. Until we moved into the house we live in now it was just too dark. We had almost no natural light. And while the light we have now isn’t great, it is much better. Her room isn’t perfect but it is something that I put alot of time into before she was born and along the way I have collected things. I love all the little things about it. We’re getting ready to move her into a twin bed but I want to keep the decor the same because I just love it.

My next project is to finish Alina’s room and I will definitely share pictures when I do.

Enjoy the pictures and if you have specific questions about where something came from just let me know.

room 2 room 3 room 4 room 5 room 6 room 7 room 8 room 9 room 10 room 11 room 12 room 13 room 14