Seraphina birth story- part 2

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Jonathan arrived about 11am. That man I tell you, he’s wonderful. I labored uncomfortably for several hours. The contractions got progressively worse and I tried to manage them in different positions but the most comfortable was sitting butterfly style on the bed. I always puke during labor so when that started happening I knew I was approaching the time where I wanted to get my epidural. Can I just say that I love those things. I am not shy about saying that an epidural was definitely in my birth plan.

sera 3

(if you look closely in the right corner you can see my lovely throw up bucket)

I let the nurse know that I wanted to get the epidural so she started my required fluids. The Anesthetist came in and set up to start the epidural. Caroline, my nurse, was busy and couldn’t assist so the doc asked Jonathan to step in and help hold my hands. I thought that was nice and preferred it actually, rather than having the nurse do that part.  Once the epi was in place and I was sufficiently numbed it was smooth sailing. My doctor came in and checked my progress and I was 7 cm.

By this time it was 2:30 pm or so. Everyone left the room except Jonathan and I. We sat around and watched episodes of Friends. It was very relaxing and I am always amazed at modern medicine when I get epidurals. There we sat chatting and watching tv while we waited for my body to finish progressing. It’s just amazing.

About 4:30pm as I was in the middle of the episode where Joey is trying to find the hot girl in the apartment building across the street but keeps going to the wrong room, my doc came in and checked me and said I was 9.5cm. He asked me to give a test push. So I did, right there with Friends playing in the background. After that push he declared it time to push for real and the room erupted in frenzy as everyone started getting in place for delivery.

I literally said out loud “Oh so we’re doing this now”..Referring to the pushing part and turned the tv off. It just caught me off guard how quickly it happened. I thought I still had hours left. I continued to practice push while everyone got in place until my doc told me to stop so he could get dressed.

Everyone in place,I pushed through 2 contractions and out she came at 4:48pm. My 2nd VBAC baby. A whole 8 minutes from the time the doc declared it time to push. It happened so quickly I think Jonathan and I were in shock.

She passed meconium on her way out so they took her off to the side to get her checked out. I had a great view and was able to watch and get a good look. While that was going on we took a poll about how much she weighed. I said she was 8lbs 3oz, my doc agreed with me that she was over 8 lbs. The baby nurse and Jonathan said there was no way she was over 8 lbs. Her official weight was 8lbs 5oz. Mother’s intuition I guess.

sera 4

Seraphina Lilly Hutto


This birth was truly amazing and a gift from God. From the beginning of the pregnancy Jonathan and I prayed that I would have a quick and easy labor and delivery and that is exactly what happened.

sera 6

proud daddy

sera 5

first skin to skin

Oh and I got my Subway for dinner that night. My wonderful Father in Law was nice enough to go get me one!

Seraphina birth story- part 1

On November 2nd I went to my scheduled doctors appointment at 8 am. I was 39 weeks and 5 days pregnant. I had been contracting regularly for hours at a time for a few days so I was hoping for good news. I got situated in a room and then had to wait a good long while because my Doc got called away to an emergency c section. I knew I couldn’t leave since I was most likely in labor. So I sat on the table waiting, contracting and texting Jonathan who was with our oldest, Emerald, at the doctor for a mysterious rash (another story for another day).

Doc finally came in to check me and I was 4 cm! Woo hoo! He confirmed that I was contracting and said ” Let’s have a baby today”. It was music to my ears I tell you. He told me to head over to the hospital across the street and he would meet me there. I already had my bags in the car since I knew this was likely how it would turn out. I called Jonathan and my mom and gave them the update. Then headed down the street to get a sprite since I was so thirsty and I knew I would be cut off once I set foot in L+D.

I parked and waddled myself into the maternity center and got registered, since of course I never pre-register like you are supposed to. (Fun Fact, I’ve had the same lady take my information at the desk for all 3 deliveries and she is always so nice and quick.) I got taken to my room, changed into the very flattering gown and then hooked up to the monitors. My contractions had moved to 4-6 minutes and were pretty uncomfortable.

I had the best nurse ever Caroline and a student nurse Lauren. I just loved them and they went out of their way to make our stay great. They were so excited about this delivery being another VBAC for me. They got my iv started and all that great stuff. They were fun to talk to and Caroline told me she was 1 of 3 girls in her family and I loved that,since of course we were welcoming girl #3.

sera 1

sera 2

(I had to resort to selfies since Jonathan wasn’t there yet)

About 10:30am My doc came in and broke my water. I was about 5 cm.  I was also started on a low dose of pitocin. He asked where Jonathan was and I told him he was getting the girls situated with my mom. You know there’s the switching car seats over and making sure they have everything they need to stay at her house. He said to tell him to hurry up. Everyone was nervous this baby was going to come quick since she was #3. I wasn’t too worried. My previous labor lasted 12 hours. I kept joking with everyone that my goal was to have her out by suppertime so I could have a Subway. I was starving and that’s what I had my heart set on. I really didn’t think I would have her by then but I had no idea how wrong I was.

To Be Continued…

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It’s a Girl!.. and other stuff

Blogging while pregnant with baby number 3 is no joke, as I have quickly discovered. We are enjoying our summer and just got back from vacation so things have been all over the place. I’ve found that when I sit down to my computer (usually at night) I am drawn to Ebay where I instead try to score some sweet deals for our coming little bundle. So sue me. It’s an addiction.

I haven’t been bothered by my lack of blogging really, I think it’s been good for me. However, I miss it. I have so much that I want to say and share. I will get around to it. Just at a slower pace than usual. And I am totally ok with that.

I did want to officially share the gender of baby # 3.

It’s a GIRL! Yep we are expecting girl numero tres


We are going to have the cutest little trio of sisters you ever did see. We pretty much knew it was a girl since our scan at 13 weeks. The tech told us pretty confidently that it was a girl at that time. We waited to have it confirmed at 21 weeks before sharing the news. I think it was good for us to have that time to get used to the idea of girl #3. We are so happy and just feel blessed to have anther sweet princess on the way. I love having girls (hence the Ebay shopping)

It's a girl!

As you can see ,Alina was less than impressed with our attempted photo shoot. Emma was only cooperating because there was a playground nearby where we told her we would go next if she would “smile really big”.

I am so anticipating watching these 2 be big sisters. I know it’s going to be awesomely hilarious.

Hey if you’re not following me on Instagram I would love for you to. You know… to watch the hilariousness.

Big News- Baby #3!

It’s been quiet around the blog the past few months and I promise I have a good excuse! We found out in February that we will be welcoming baby #3 this November. We are thrilled as it’s never been a secret that we want a large family.

starbucks pregnancy announcement

Now that the first trimester is over I am hoping to jump back into blogging! I have missed it dearly and have lots of stuff I want to share baby and family related, along with a few reviews.

See you soon!

Essentials for breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is something that I am very passionate about. Even before we started our family I always knew it was what I wanted to do. There was never a question in my mind. My mom, mother in law and sister all did it and were a great support system. The hospital that I have had both of my girls in is very pro-breastfeeding. There is a fabulous LC, Mrs Susan, that will spend as much time as it takes with you before you discharge to see that you have questions answered and are feeling comfortable with it. What a gem she is.

I was fortunate to breastfeed Emerald for 1 year without a single issue. She was a dream baby. I loved every minute of it. With Alina, I  naively thought it would go the same way. We did fine for exactly 12 weeks when she decided she was done. For real…no negotiations. My mind was blown and after  much struggling and tears I decided to let go of my ideal “breastfeeding experience” and let her be . After that she was happy as a monkey in a banana tree. I pumped for 5 more months until my supply dwindled due to me being too busy to pump (imagine that). Now she is 100% formula fed and I am more than ok with it! She’s happy, healthy and growing.

I hope that with my next baby I will be able to breastfeed for at least 1 year again but if not, I know we will be just fine!

All that being said, I still have spent quite some time nursing my babes and I wanted to tell you some of my favorite nursing products. Things that  make it easier for you or that are just nice to have on hand.

These are my Essentials for breastfeeding


1.Boppy // 2 Disposable pads  // 3. Lanolin

4. Nursing Cover // 5. Comfy tee // 6. Sleep bra // 7. Nursing bra

8. Refillable water bottle // 9. Easy snacks 


Top 10 items you need for a new baby

When it comes to registering for and buying items you need for a new baby, the options can be so overwhelming. I know when it was my first time I would often go and just stand in the aisles staring wide-eyed and clueless. Did I need a crib right away or just a bassinet? What brand of car seat should I buy? What about a swing, do I need one of those? So many choices and all the advertisements you start getting in the mail and via email don’t help  matters. How does every baby company automatically know when you get pregnant?

So I have rounded up a list of what I think are the top 10 items you need for a new baby. You’re welcome! Note: I am not including diapers, wipes and food in this list because..well…obviously you need those.

items for baby 2

1.//A swing. There’s a reason I put this first. Hands down the best purchase we have made is this Snug- a-Bunny cradle and swing.  I know some moms are afraid that if they let their babies sleep in a swing then they will never sleep in a crib. I am 100% pro swing. I say use the swing as much as you need to mama. Your babies will be fine and will eventually sleep in a crib. Get a swing. Get one that plugs in and that is very comfortable looking. Use that sucker. If you want to know other sleep items I recommend read here.

2.//Swaddle Blankets. These are my favorite type of swaddle blankets. I’m not crazy about the swaddle me brand or really any of the others. I like these because they are big and you can get a good tight swaddle with them every time. Want to know my secret to swaddling a newborn? Watch here.  Once I started swaddling my babies like this using the Aden and Anais swaddle wraps, I never looked back. Oh and want to know my secret for weaning from the swaddle? Read here.

3.//Rock and Play sleeper. In my opinion you don’t need a crib (right away), you don’t need a bassinet, you don’t need a co-sleeper. You need a Rock and Play. This thing is a miracle baby item. Babies love it because it’s inclined but not too inclined and cuddles them close. Some of the newer models even vibrate.  If you have to go somewhere over night, take it with you in lieu of a pack and play. My babies sleep so good in it, right beside my bed.

4.//A Boppy Pillow. There are other nursing pillows out there but I love my Boppy. Of course I use it the most for nursing to get a comfortable hold but I also use it for when baby is awake and I want to let them kick and look around. It props them up nicely to take pictures too. Please never leave a baby unattended on a Boppy though!

5.//Glider. You have to sit somewhere when you feed, rock, burp, cluster feed and rock some more. Why not sit somewhere comfortable? Do yourself a favor mama and get a comfy glider with a foot rest as a gift to yourself. Put it close to a window and a side table. You will love it and so will your baby. Here’s the one I have and its a bargain!

6. //Long sleeved ,footed sleepers.  I know the question still remains, do I get button or zippered? That’s just a personal preference. I actually like both. Zippered because they are oh so easy to maneuver in the middle of the night. Buttoned because it doesn’t uncover their chest during a diaper change. You decide. One thing is for sure. Get footed because newborn socks are from the devil and get long sleeves, yes, even if it’s summer. Carters makes great sleepers.

7.//Nail Clippers.Here’s the thing. You either buy nail clippers or mittens. And while mittens are cute, I find them difficult to keep up with. I prefer to just clip their nails from the get-go. It gets easier and you get quicker. You have to protect them from scratching themselves somehow.

8.//Diaper bag.  Say what you want but I think a diaper bag is essential. It doesn’t have to be a traditional diaper bag per se but something to carry baby items in. Let me tell you, newborns are unpredictable so leave the house prepared. Whatever that looks like for you. I really like this bag, stylish and functional. Want to know what I think you should pack in a diaper bag? Read here. 

9.//Travel system. The travel system that we have isn’t being made anymore. It’s from Graco, it didn’t break the bank and we love it. I found it extremely convenient to have the car seat that  just snaps right into the stroller perfectly. Graco has cleaned up their act since the big recall, even though we have never had any problems with them in the first place. Here’s a similar one to the one we have.

10.// Happy Baby Wrap. I can’t shout it from the rooftops enough. Get a baby wrap!! I love my Happy Baby Wrap but there are other great brands out there too. I can’t tell you how many newborn cranky meltdowns my baby wrap solved. It’s like magic. Plus they come in amazing colors and styles that make you want every single one.

There you have it! My top 10 items for a new baby. What do you think? Would you add or take something away from this list? Let me know in the comments.

items for baby 2


Mommy Meme Monday

Because It’s Monday and we could all use a good laugh!

Enjoy these hilariously true memes.








What to pack in a diaper bag for a newborn

Cleaning out my diaper bag yesterday I started thinking about how in the beginning, when I first brought Emerald home,  I had no idea what to pack in a diaper bag. I had her bag stuffed full of this and that and mostly a lot of things I did not need. Since I am now on my second baby I think I have figured out what is a must in the diaper bag and what can be left at home. Of course, this is my opinion and is tailored to my baby’s needs. You may find your needs are different. Also keep in mind that this is for a newborn to 5ish month old and for a breastfed baby. After this season it completely changes, another post for another day.




1. A Diaper Bag.  Obviously you need a diaper bag or something to carry your “stuff” in. For both of my girls I have ended up getting a 31 Gifts bag. With Emerald I got a Cindy tote and with Alina I got a Zip top utility tote. I like both of them and still use them. I loved that I could personalize them and that they would last long past the “diaper bag” stage. Now I use them for overnight trips to Mimi’s house. Whatever you choose make sure it is a choice you can live with because you pretty much don’t go anywhere without it for a while.

 2. Diapers. I’m not a diaper snob, I’ll try just about any diaper once. Right now we love LUVS. I started out keeping about 10 diapers in my bag, you never know with a newborn. Now I keep about 5-6 in there. You can’t really go wrong packing diapers, after all it is a “Diaper” bag.

3. Baby Wipes. I have tried lots of different wipes but the ones I keep coming back to are Huggies One and Done the Refreshing scent.

4. Extra clothes for baby. I keep a minimum of 2 changes of clothes in my bag. Usually 1 full set and then an extra onesie . Without fail, the one time I forgot to pack them I ended up with a naked child. Also don’t forget to replace the extra outfits as they grow. You don’t want a newborn onesie for your 4 month old as the only choice in your diaper bag.

5. Pacifiers. Love them, hate them , don’t use them or hoard them… We don’t leave home without at least 2.

6. Nursing Cover. Like I said, to each their own. I like to have a cover when I nurse in public.

7. Changing Pad. We use our portable changing pad very often. It’s so handy to have when you need to do a quick diaper change anywhere other than home. Wipes clean, has extra pockets and comes with an extra wipes case. It folds up nice and neat and has a strap if you need to carry it solo.

8. Burp Cloth. Spit up, drool, snot…you name it. Just pack one…or two.

9. Extra Blanket. When my baby was itty bitty we never left home without an extra blanket. Handy for keeping warm, covering the car seat from nosy people in Target and it can act as an emergency burp cloth or changing pad in case you forgot to pack #7 and #8. We still bring one along. A smaller one though.

10.  Extra Shirt for mommy. Do yourself a favor and stick a shirt (that you don’t wear often and won’t miss) in the bottom of your diaper bag. I’ve had to pull mine out a few times and I always thank myself!

I am sure I could add a few more things but when I stop and think of what is absolutely necessary, these things pop up first. So here you go. I hope you found this helpful.

What are some things that you find necessary to keep handy? Let me know in the comments.