My favorite easy makeup

About a year ago I got interested in makeup, or rather interested in learning more about it and how to apply it. Up until that time I was the girl with the flawless skin and I never really cared about it. Until one day I looked in the mirror and realized a little makeup (or a little more effort) wouldn’t hurt me, I wasn’t getting any younger after all. I started watching tutorials on You tube in my spare time at night and I subscribed to Ipsy. I asked for gift cards to ULTA for my birthday and I haven’t looked back. I am still not that great at it but I really love finding new products and trying new things. I actually look forward to doing my makeup (which is NOT every day). It’s like my “me time”. I haven’t ventured into the high-end makeup realm, although I do have a few things on my wish list. I mostly stick to drugstore products and whatever comes in my Ipsy bag.

Here are 10 of my favorite makeup products that are my go to stash right now. They are all linked to Amazon but can also be found at Target, Ulta, Walmart or wherever you buy drugstore makeup.

favorite makeup

1// Smashbox Photo Finish Primer oil. Now I know I just got through saying that I use drugstore makeup, but to be fair I got this in an Ipsy bag. I love it. Before this I thought the notion of a primer was a waste of money. Until I tried this extremely moisturizing primer oil. It gets my dry skin ready for foundation so well.

2//Maybelline Fit me Foundation/Concealer. I’m a big fan of the Maybelline Fit me products. Both the foundation and concealers are fabulous for the price (I own 3 of the concealers). I didn’t buy the correct color in the foundation but I still love the formula. I’ll explain how I correct my foundation in a bit.

3//Physicians formula butter bronzer. The smoothest, creamiest bronzer you ever will find. It smells like a pina colada and has the prettiest packaging. I love this for giving my pale skin a little glow.

4//Manic panic dreamtone foundation color corrector in Virgin. No I did not go goth. I heard about this stuff from the you-tuber Kathleen Lights and I knew I needed it. See ..I have a problem buying the right color foundation. I have bought several bottles that are too dark. I mix a pump of this with those foundations and voila…perfect shade.

5//NYX micro brow pencil. Not all that exciting but this is a great, affordable eyebrow pencil.

6//Wet N Wild lash out loud MAX volume plus mascara. I have been on the hunt for a great affordable mascara for a while now. I tried a few pricier ones and then this one. This one takes the cake. I love it and will use it until I find something that can beat the price and quality.

7//Milani everyday eye shadow collection – plum basics. I recently fell in love with Milani products. I just love this palette and really its all I use nowadays for eye shadow. There are other color palettes in the collection I would love to get as well.

8//Milani baked blush in Luminoso– Another Milani product I adore. The color is peachy and fun. Perfect for everyday.

9//Mr. Write now eyeliner. I don’t wear all that much eyeliner but I got this one in an Ipsy bag and I really like it. It’s creamy and natural looking since it’s a plum color instead of black.

10//Meet Matte Hughes in Committed. I get more compliments on my lip color when I wear this matte liquid lipstick than any other. I got this one in an Ipsy bag and I’ve grown to really like this brand.

So, there are 10 items I have in my makeup stash right now that I use regularly. Of course, there are other items I use as well that I didn’t mention. But these are my favorites and I hope you enjoyed reading about them . What are some of your go to favorites? Let me know in the comments?

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Alina is 2!

Over 1 week ago my second born turned 2 years old. I can’t keep up with how fast time is passing. My sweet, funny Alina girl is 2! I am finally getting some pictures up and a post that captures a little of who she is right now. I want to remember the details and small nuances that make her the bright light that laughs her way through everyday.

Name: Alina Dawn

Age: 2 years

Hair: White blonde, super straight all over with a few small curls at the end.

Eyes: Blueberry blue

alina 1

Favorite Food: Bananas, Cheese, Apples, Eggs, Sausage, Chips

Favorite Shows/Movies: Alina is an anomaly in that she has never really cared about a particular show too much…EXCEPT….!!…singing shows. She LOVES to watch youtube shows that have kids nursery rhymes. She blows us away with how many songs she knows word for word. My little singer.

alina 2

Favorite songs: On that note a few of her favorite songs that she can straight up sing word for word are: ABC’s, Baa Baa black sheep, Finger Family Song, Miss Polly had a dolly, heads shoulders knees and toes, happy and you know it, row row row your boat, twinkle twinkle little star, Barney theme song and just about 20 more songs!

Favorite toys : She has a few stuffed animals she loves. Her pink teddy (which used to be Emma’s), a blue pony, her Care Bears and Minnie Mouse to name a few. She has several baby dolls that she loves to clothe and diaper. She has always loved to mama her babies. She loves to cook in her new play kitchen and push her new Minnie Mouse grocery cart around.

alina 3

Play time: Alina is my inside kid. She prefers to play indoors most of the time. She does enjoy going to the park and playing outside sometimes but usually is ready to come inside before anyone else. She loves to play with Emma and is a surprisingly good playmate, going along with whatever story Emma sets up.

Clothes: She wears a 2T-3T in most clothes. A size 5 diaper and 2T pull-up. She wears a size 5-6 in shoes. I still dress her most days though she is learning to help.

alina 4

Sleep: 2 days after her birthday we went out and bought her a toddler bed. I needed the crib for Sera and we don’t want to own any big furniture right now since we are in a rental so we went with a toddler bed. I was a little worried about how she would handle it since she is much younger than I would have liked. But she has blown me away. She hasn’t tried to get up once. She has slept great in it! She sleeps 10-11 hours at night and still naps most days for 1.5-2 hours.

alina 5

Paci: We followed the same plan as we did with Emma and took away her pacis a few weeks before she turned 2. We talked about it in the days leading up to it as she likes to talk about things and she has handled it so well. She was sad for a few naps and nights but then she adjusted and has done perfect without them. I am glad to be rid of them.

alina 6

Potty: She is not potty trained. That is next on the list. We have a potty and pull-ups and we talk about it often and she likes to sit on it but it’s not serious yet. I’m not in too much of a hurry.

Things to remember: The way she will catch my attention then just burst into laughter. She makes me laugh on a regular basis with her funny facial expressions and antics.

alina 7

She.talks. so.much….like all the time. She talks about any and everything. I promise she is the most talkative 2 year old you have ever met. The pediatrician said she has a very advanced vocabulary. I told her that was not news to me.

How she is her own little person. Sometimes she wants to just play by herself or do her own thing. I love that about her.

alina 9

How she says “oceeean”,  “nayyyup”, ” I do it by mysayyelf”,  “Geeraff” , “baby Seera”, “Pamana (banana)”

How she repeats everything you say to make sure she heard you correctly.

How she says she’s done with dinner but then always….always comes right back to ask for more.

How she asks Emma for help with everything. Not me….she asks Emma.

alina 8

How she comes up to me and says “I wuv you mama you’re so soft”

Lina Loo, you are a rare, precious little girl. You make us smile and laugh. I know you have a strong, vivacious personality and I can’t wait to watch you as you grow older.

Happy 2nd Birthday Sweetheart ,I love you!


The 3rd trimester is here in full force and life seems to be moving at the speed of light. I cannot believe we will welcome our sweet girl in about 7 weeks or less (hopefully less). August went by in a blur and I am trying to catch up with September before it whips by just as quickly.

I apologize if all you have seen lately from me are reviews here on the blog. I love doing reviews and always want to space them out with other content but like I said, time is just getting away from me. So here’s a little of what has been going on with us lately.


I celebrated my 28th birthday on August 19th. I spent the day with my family out and about and did some makeup shopping with Starbucks in hand. Then we left the girls with the grandparents for a few hours and the hubs and I went to Olive Garden for dinner. It was seriously amazing. I haven’t been to Olive Garden in years and I forgot how much I like it. That salad…..mmmm…and the bread sticks…Just basically a preggo’s dream. It was low-key and the perfect way to start year 28.

van 2

We also celebrated our 8 year anniversary on September 8th! The girls stayed with the grandparents again and we just did whatever the heck we wanted, which included going to a movie, sleeping in until 10:30 and going to brunch (see above pic and drool). So relaxing and fun. We missed the girls as this was the first time Alina had ever spent the night away from us and the first time since Alina was born that Emma has spent the night away. But it was worth it to have some alone time. I can’t believe we have been married 8 years. Time is flying by.


I finally got around to finishing up Alina’s room. I know…right before the new baby makes her appearance I get it together. We had so much baby equipment stored in there that it really just looked like a junk room. I felt so guilty about it since Emma’s room has always looked nice and decorated (first child syndrome). I finished painting her wall hangings and getting them up. It made a huge difference. Her little face lit up and she still tells me to “look mama” everyday as she points at the decorations. I am still on the lookout for a big, bright rug and I’m going add new hardware to her dresser..spiff it up a little.


Probably the biggest and most expensive piece of news is that we purchased a minivan. We knew since we found out we were expecting baby #3 that it was inevitable that we would have to buy a new car. We needed room for a 3rd car seat. So on Labor day we bit the bullet and purchased a Dodge Grand Caravan. I absolutely love it and feel giddy every time I press the button that opens the automatic sliding doors.

I am 33 weeks pregnant and feeling bigger everyday. I still have a few things to get done before the baby comes so between that and working as many hours at my home job that I can, things will be pretty busy and November 4th will be here before we know it!

Shoes that Glitter – Swim

We are melting here in Georgia! Absolutely melting. When I was pregnant with Emerald I thought that was the absolute worst time of the year to be due (August 4th). Nope, I was wrong. Turns out what’s worse is having to go through the summer in its entirety and be due right when you would get some relief from the heat.

I really shouldn’t complain. We are blessed to have central AC and although I don’t crank it down as low as I would like to it keeps us cool when we’re inside.

When the girls do talk me into taking them outside, which is about once per day, I need the minimum amount of hassle to get them ready. I mean, I don’t want to take the time to find socks and tie tennis shoes when it’s flipping 107 degrees outside. We like flip-flops ok but they stub their little toes and I find the “thong” part usually rubs them when they’re playing so hard.

What’s a mom to do you ask?

 Enter…. the perfect outside playing shoes for the melting days of Summer.

The Croc.

crocs shoes

I know, I know. I always had some preconceived idea about Crocs being tacky or something. Well as soon as I saw these babies listed on I was sold. They looked so cute with the bright colors and the glitter! I called Emma over to confirm that these were indeed every little girls dream come true and she said “Oh mama! Glitter….Purple!” with a dreamy look. I knew I had to get them.

crocs 5

I mean…look at that face.

Ordering from swim outlet was a piece of cake. They had a size chart that I ordered based off of since I had never ordered Crocs before and they fit exactly as they should!

crocs 4

These shoes are the best for saying “Ok we’re going outside, go grab your shoes”. They run to grab these and can put them on with no help. Well, I usually have to check that they are on the correct feet.

Needless to say we have found our favorite play shoes. They have worn them a dozen times at least already. These would be great for back to school (maybe with a thin sock) as well if your kids are going off to school.

crocs 1

Please check out for an awesome supply of back to school shoes, clothes and other cool things!

*This post was sponsored by Swim, all opinions are my own. 

August 2015 Ipsy Glam bag review

august glam bag

I was so excited to get my very first Glam bag from Ipsy this month! I had been trying to decide between Birchbox and Ipsy for awhile and I just went with Ipsy on a whim and I think I am going to love it! I am in no way a beauty blogger nor am I trying to be. My reason for reviewing these bags is for other moms who are like me. I wear makeup maybe 2-3 times a week and am trying to learn more about it and put more of an effort into it. I have been watching makeup tutorials and you tube videos late at night when I should be sleeping. I feel good when I wear it and really enjoy learning about how to apply it to complement my features. I figured Ipsy would be a good way to build up my hilariously “middle school- esque” makeup supply without breaking the bank. So here is my August Glam bag from Ipsy.

August Ipsy Glam bag

1. Albertini Divine Skin Hydrator. ($16) I received a tester version of this and I liked it. I have used these in shower lotions from other brands before and I love the way they leave my skin feeling. It’s not something I see as a necessity but it’s nice if I want something to pamper with. This particular one worked great but It had no scent, I wish it had a scent. I probably would not purchase a full size bottle for the price.

2. Doll 10 HydraGel blush in the color Flirt. ($16) I received a full size version of this blush. I have never used a cream blush but I must say that I loved it! It applies very pigmented but is able to be blended and smoothed easily. I love the way it looks. I have already worn it several times.

3. Noyah natural Lipstick in the color Desert Rose. ($18) I got a tester size of this one and again I loved it! Such a pretty color. I’m just getting into wearing lip color and this is a perfect starter one. Not too crazy, just a pretty pink rose color. I have worn it several times.

4. La Fresh Group, Good Night, Night Cream. ($40) I got a small tester of this night cream and I was very impressed. It has no scent but I love the way it makes my face feel. Even the next morning my skin feels soft and even brighter if that’s possible. I definitely can’t purchase a $40 night cream right now but I think it would be worth it if that’s your price range.

5. Lord and Berry, lipliner in Nude. ($18) This was probably my least favorite item in the bag, but I think that’s because I don’t know how to use it appropriately. It’s a pretty nude color but I’m not sure it’s for me. I need to experiment with it some more.

If you’re interested in signing up for Ipsy I do recommend it. It’s $10 a month and you can personalize your bag to your tastes. Click this link to sign up .Click Here.

p.s. I get extra points if you sign up through my link 😉

Leave a comment below if you got a glam bag too! I would love to check out your review or picture!

Emerald is three

emma bday 2

Yesterday my first born turned 3 years old. So unbelievable. If you think she looks sweet in these pictures just meet her in real life. She is everything pure and princess. I wish I had a way to capture her in words as she is now. I will do my best but am holding onto every moment so I don’t forget.

Name: Emerald Mercy

Age: 3 yrs

Hair: Dark blonde and Curly Q ringlets, getting longer every day

Favorite Food: dry cereal, noodles, grapes, blueberries, SWEETS!

Favorite Shows/Movies: Curious George, Toy Story, Buzz Bee, Clifford, Leap Frog, Strawberry Shortcake, Daniel Tiger and More. She LOVES her shows as she always has.

Favorite toys : Anything small and hold-able. Right now she loves her collection of miniature dinosaurs and safari animals. She also has a few favorites that include a cow, pig, train and a few cars. She can usually be found playing with a combination of these things. Putting them in random drawers and cabinets to “take a nap”. It’s not unusual to find a plastic dino in my pots. She also has a love for her stuffed animals. Often toting them around and taking them in stores with us.

Play time: She begs to go outside every day. Loves to play in the water table  we purchased last year for her birthday, loves to swim in our inflatable dinosaur pool. Take her to the park or beach and she will play until you make her leave. On another note she also can be happy playing inside for long amounts of time. She plays fairly well with Alina and likes to “pretend play” with her babies.

emma bday 3

emma bday 4.svg

Clothes: She wears a 4t in most things though we still have a lot of 3t that we are trying to get through the summer with. She wears a size 7-8 in shoes. She’s great at putting on her panties and shorts, needs help with her shirts but can handle her own flip flops if you show her which feet they go on. These days the weather is so hot she loves to not wear anything but her panties inside and when she sleeps. I’m a warm sleeper too so I understand.

Sleep: We moved to a twin bed a few months ago and it’s like she never missed a beat. She LOVES her bed. I let her help pick her covers and that was that. She sleeps just as well in her big bed as she did in her crib. She sleeps 12-13 hours at night. She stopped taking naps a few months ago as well. It was a gradual thing but in the end I settled on letting her have “rest time” for 1 hour or more everyday. She gets a few toys and knows she must sit in her bed and play quietly. She looks forward to this and it really does help her recharge to make it through the rest of the day.

Potty: She has been potty trained for about 6 months. Well, half trained. I say half because she refused to poop in the potty until about 2 weeks ago. I tried many methods to get her to but she simply refused. Choosing instead to wait until nap or bedtime to go in her pull-up. I tried bribery, discipline and you name it. She was golden with tinkling on the potty….never had an accident but nope… no poop. Eventually I gave up and said she will go when she is ready and backed way off. About 2 weeks ago it must have clicked for her. She decided to go #2 and has been accident free since! Now we are working on dropping the pull up at night. Hooray for a potty trained girl!

emma bday 1

emma bday 6

Things to remember: The way she always wakes up happy and waits for someone to come get her.

When she gets excited she talks fast, often saying the sweetest things to butter you up

How daddy is just about her favorite human being ever. She comes alive when he gets home from work! They have their play routine that includes piggyback rides, horsey, blocks, running in circles, tickling and more.

How she sometimes is so sweet to Alina, often finding her a paci or stuffed animal if she is upset

When I tuck her in at night I have to say goodnight to whatever it is that she is sleeping with. I usually find myself kissing a plastic dino goodnight.

She asks about the baby in my belly a lot. She seems to understand that she is coming after she grows a bit bigger. Often she asks if the baby will have certain body parts (lips, feet etc) and if she’ll be able to do stuff like play, swing and eat.

emma bday 5

I love you Emma Lou bear. You are a rare and precious gem. You light up our world and I am so thankful so are going to be the biggest sister for our lot of girls.

Happy 3rd birthday!

5 facts about me- you need to know…

It may seem a bit narcissistic of me to dedicate an entire post to random facts about myself. However, I spend 99.9% of my time on this blog talking about my kids (and rightly so) and other mommy life topics. I thought it would be nice to let my readers know a little about myself. I’ll try to make it as interesting as possible. Promise.

PicMonkey Collage

1. I was the Valedictorian of my high school class. Impressive right? Until you realize I went to a private school and my graduating class was only 15 students. It looked good on my college application though 😉

2. I got engaged at 19, married at 20. Not a shotgun wedding. We just wanted to get married. I never regretted getting married young. We would have gotten married sooner had my dad been easier to convince.

3. I went to nursing school and graduated from the program with my dad (yes my father) AND new husband. Yes we are all RN’s now. That story is about a novel and a half long but in a nut shell it was a brilliant idea as we were each others support system through a very tough few years.

4.  I want a minimum of 6 kids 🙂 That has always been what we’ve said and it hasn’t changed almost 3 kids in.

5. My sister and I married brothers. Our children are double first cousins. Yes it’s legal…no it’s not incest (just a few of the questions I get).

So there you go. Now you know some random and confusing facts about me.

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Wish List for Baby Girl

I spend entirely too much time on Instagram and one of the perks disadvantages is that I find the most gorgeous things for my girls. I mean…there are so many shops and handmade businesses out there just waiting for me to scroll through. I get sucked in. I mostly “window” shop these days, choosing instead to buy here, but I am saving up for some things that I just adore for baby girl #3 . Click on the links to see where they can be purchased and take some time to look through these awesome shops!

Wish List for Baby Girl

for baby

1.  pom pom swaddle/ 2. girlie glue set/ 3. jersey bow headband

4. floral swaddle and beanie/ 5. girly felt bow/ 6. covered goods nursing poncho

7. basic blanket

Alina: 9 +10 Month

I’ve gone back and forth about posting these updates about my girls on this blog. I know it is more personal and may not appeal to those looking for more “How-to” kind of posts. I was keeping them on an older, personal blog but that was getting too complicated. I decided that this is my space and it makes more sense to keep it all here in one place. If this is not your type of post. Stick around and you’ll see a variety of other topics.


Alina Dawn : 9 + 10 month update
Weight :19 lbs 14 oz
Height: 28 inches
Eating: This girl loves to eat! She drinks 3 bottles of formula per day, anywhere from 4-7 oz. I am working on cutting these out and replacing with Almond milk. Which is our milk of choice. Other than that she eats just about anything we eat. She super loves beans, blueberries, bread, strawberries, sweet potatoes and any of those fruit pouches.


Teeth: She has 5 teeth and one barely coming in. It’s so cute because when she smiles it makes her look lopsided. I just love her cheeks that shows her dimples when it’s her biggest smile.


Sleeping: She takes 2 naps. 1 hr mid-morning and about 2 hours mid-afternoon. Bedtime is between 7-8 pm depending on what’s going on. She falls asleep completely on her own and usually wakes up about 9am. I don’t know how I got 2 such great sleepers! Every now and then she wakes up at night if she loses her paci. She settles back down when I give it back to her.
Nicknames: Alina Lou, Wina Woo, Lina, Snuggle Buns, Seester, Sis


Diapers: Size 4 Luvs or Target Brand


Clothes: She is wearing mostly 12 months and several 18 month shirts and tights.


Loves: This girl is our sunshine and light. Just like her name means. She loves to play with Emma. She loves to laugh and play with her activity table. She loves to lay her cheek against soft blankets and stuffed animals.  She is happiest when you are holding her. She loves to be outside and play at the park on the swing or slide. She squeals when she sees Paris and laughs when Paris licks her. She loves taking baths with big sister. She loves to dance. There isn’t much that doesn’t make her happy.


Dislikes: I guess she dislikes being overly tired since she becomes very fussy, she’s not fond of strangers getting in her personal space. She doesn’t like when the neighbor dogs bark really loud. She doesn’t like wearing bows or headbands unless you sneak it on her and she forgets about it.


Health: She has had 1 cold this winter but she handled it like a champ.
Things to Remember: When she wants something she says “ah ah ah ah” and reaches for it until we give it.  After baths she puts the towel over head to play peek a boo.


Milestones: She celebrated her first Christmas and that was fun! She got lots of new toys including the activity table and a huge stuffed dog from her daddy that she loves.

Lately // January 2015

january 2014



January went by in a flurry of jackets, hats, sniffles and tissues. We are not too sorry to see it go but here are a few snaps from our first month of 2015.

1/ Emma riding her new pink tricycle she got for Christmas

2/ Alina being so cute on one of our many Target runs

3/ The girls sitting on my clean laundry after having taken an afternoon bath

4/Alina swinging at the park

5/ Emma enjoying one of the warmer days outside

6/Alina is 10 months!

7/Sharing some Almond milk

8/Playing on our new Alphabet mat that makes the play area so fun now!

9/Emma posing for a picture outside on a cold day