Alina’s birth story- part 3

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At 9 pm I was 7 cm.

About 1030 pm my ob came in and said he was going in to assist with a c-section for me not to have the baby while he was away. Haha. Right after he left my monitor stopped picked up contractions. We turned every which way trying to get them to pick up until my nurse said “wait let me check you”. I was complete. 10 cm. Apparently, your contractions can slow down when you are complete.

alina 2

10 cm!

My nurse had me lay on my side to bring baby down some more. About 11:30 pm my ob came back in and before he could check me I said “I’m a 10..can I push this baby out now”. The room was set up and I was instructed how to push.  Before we started I said “Is this it?” referring to the amount of people in the room. It was just me, hubby, ob, and 2 nurses. My Dr said “Yes but I can go find some more people if you like”. That made me laugh. I loved how small and intimate it was. The lights were dimmed and it was so…peaceful.

 I pushed for 30 minutes and out she came. Just like that. No problems or complications of any kind. I kind of just laid there in shock after she came out thinking “I can’t believe I actually did it”.  I didn’t cry like I thought I would. I just smiled and smiled and held Jonathan’s hand and kissed my new baby.

alina 3


12:16 am

7lbs 14oz

20.5 inches

 This was what it was supposed to be like. I felt amazing. I got to hold and nurse my baby immediately. The next day when Emerald came I picked her up and snuggled her in my lap like I wanted to. I wasn’t drugged up on painkillers. I could think clearly. I could eat and walk. I thank God every day for giving me this wonderful, restorative, healing birth experience. It healed my heart.

alina 4

alina 5

Alina’s birth story- part 2

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At  40 weeks 5 days I had an appointment.  I had an NST done at the office where I stayed hooked up for an hour, the strip was pretty nonreactive, which my Dr was not happy about and it made me nervous as well. I knew it was time to get this baby out. She wasn’t happy in there. So we were sent to L+D with plans to augment my labor by AROM (breaking my water) and a small dose of pitocin (aka..The devils drug).

We arrived, got checked in and I was hooked up. My OB came and broke my water and started the Pitocin at 12 noon. I was 2 cm dilated. I was happy…things were moving along. I had a wonderful nurse that hunted down the yoga ball for me to sit on. I labored on that and in the bed sitting “Buddha” style. They gradually bumped up my pitocin until the contractions were 2-3 minutes apart. I was managing them well. They hurt like none other but I was managing. I tried to stay moving as much as I could hooked up to those darn monitors. While I wasn’t a fan of all the wires they did give me a peace of mind knowing that we would know immediately if anything went wrong with my labor.

alina 1

I was checked again about 3 pm..still 2 cm. The contractions are pretty grueling right now. If you’ve ever experienced pitocin contractions you know they can be unbearable. I was breathing through them…I was having hot flashes..then I would be freezing. Then I started throwing up. That was lovely. I puked and puked. I was starting to get tired of it.

I was checked again about 5pm. Still 2 cm. It was at this point that I thought “I can’t do this”. 5 hours of Pitocin contractions and no progress. I was trying to be strong. But I thought to myself “my body is broken and won’t dilate”.  My doctor said don’t give up…you can do this. I had a good cry…a good pep talk from hubby and I was ready to go again.

This is where it got intense. Stuff hit the fan if you know what I mean. Right after my Dr. left my contractions jumped from about a 4-5 on the pain scale to a 9-10. Oh my goodness! I cannot describe to you the pain I was in. My poor husband was trying to help me but I could not deal with them. I was crying and moaning and basically acting exactly like I said I would never act. Like a crazy person. I could barely breathe and was hyperventilating. I couldn’t focus or stay calm. I told Jonathan that I wanted the epidural. I couldn’t continue with these contractions that were 1 minute apart! He said he understood and agreed I should get it.

 I felt like such a failure. I felt like I would be known as the woman who got an epidural at 2 cm.

My nurse came back and said the Anesthesiologist will be here at 730 pm. It was 630 pm. Instead of being upset I was just relieved that he was coming at all! During all the commotion of the contractions my OB and several nurses came rushing in because they could not track the baby. With all my moving around they couldn’t pick her up. So I had to have an internal monitor put in. Fine. But that meant I had to lie down. Have you ever tried to lay down flat on your back during the most intense pain of your life? Yeah. That was fun.

As my OB was putting the monitor in he smiled when he checked me and said “you’re 5cm!”. I could have cried in relief. I had dilated 3 cm in 1 hr. All the pain wasn’t for nothing and I wasn’t broken. I could do this.

That blessed man the Anesthesiologist came and gave me the epidural. I am not afraid of needles and he did an awesome job. I can’t tell you the relief I felt physically and emotionally. It took about 20 minutes to take full effect but I was a different person immediately. I was smiling and laughing. I apologized to my nurse and hubby for acting like a lunatic. After that I got to lie down and rest…sweet rest. We watched Duck Dynasty..dimmed the lights and just relaxed.

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Alina’s Birth Story- part 1

From the moment I found out I was pregnant with baby #2…scratch that..from the moment they rolled me out of the operating room with my first daughter Emerald, I vowed never again. Never again would I be the bystander in my own birthing experience. I would educate myself and be my own advocate. For me, this meant that I wanted a VBAC. I wanted to experience birth the way women have been doing it forever.

I decided to stay with my OB that delivered Emerald for more reasons than I have time to go into. Basically he was my best chance at having a VBAC at our local hospital. This hospital is a great hospital overall, nice, clean, excellent staff but gosh darn it if they don’t have the highest induction/C-section rate in the state. (I actually don’t know that, just how it feels).

 So my OB is what you call “mildly VBAC friendly”. But I knew this going into it and was fully prepared to fight my way to the end. Turns out I didn’t really have to fight that much. He pretty much just went along with whatever I wanted to do. My pregnancy was super uncomplicated and there was no reason for him to object to anything.

Around 39 weeks I started having false labor. Contractions that would last for hours and hours..we’re talking 12-24 hours at a time. They were very uncomfortable and exhausting but not bad enough to go to the hospital.  They would always taper off just about the time I was ready to call L+D. We did everything to get these contractions to turn into full-blown labor. We tried all the old wives tales to no avail. By 40 weeks I was done. Put a fork in me. I was so tired physically and emotionally from the labor game my body was playing. To top it off all of my progress checks from 37 weeks on were the same. “High, tight and closed” (If you don’t know what that means, ask your mom).

40 weeks

At my 40 week appointment my OB gave me the “talk”. Any mom trying to have a VBAC knows the “talk”. It’s the one where they try to convince you that your time is running out and it would be easier to opt for a scheduled c section. I left that appointment so defeated and cried to my husband that I didn’t think it was going to happen for us. I thought maybe I should just go for the c-section, and then this baby will be out of me and all this stress over having a VBAC would go away.

After I had a good cry I thought about what I truly wanted. I wanted a vaginal birth. I wanted to get to hold my baby immediately, not hours later. I wanted to be able to pick my toddler up and hold her in my lap when she came to meet her sister. I wanted to feel like a human…not a drugged up crazy person. These are the things I wanted. I didn’t mind so much what it took to get her here. I was never trying for an all natural birth but I wanted her to come out of me the old fashion way.

I had an appointment at 40 weeks 5 days and I knew this was it. I had been having contractions since 4 am and these were pretty intense. More intense than any before. I actually pulled the towel bar out of the wall during a contraction if that gives you any clue. My appointment was at 8 am. We had already made arrangements for my mom to keep Emerald and all of our bags were packed. I knew this was it and he was going to send us over to the hospital. I was ready.

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Emerald’s Birth Story Part 2

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 I was checked for progress continually throughout the day by my nurse and the Doc. I don’t know what happened at this point. I just stalled out, I stayed at 4 cm for hours. It’s like my body just quit responding, or never really responded in the first place. We tried different positioning and we maxed out the pitocin dosage. All I can say is thank you God for the epidural because the contractions were strong just ineffective.

By this point, about 3 pm, I was  in tears. My epidural was wearing off and I knew something had to be done soon or my baby was at risk for infection. I was deliriously tired after almost 48 hours with no sleep. The doctor was so kind. He knew that I reeeally did not want a c section as I had mentioned this to him numerous times. He agreed to let me keep trying for a few more hours. We tried, really we did but the down side to an epidural is that you can’t move or walk or do any of those things that could help pick-up labor.

So in the end we did the only option left to us, we opted for a c-section. The one thing I really did not want. I was terrified that if I had a c section I would be limited in the future as to how many children I could carry. We have always wanted a large family with 5-6 kids, no joke. But my Doctor assured me that if I stayed healthy and my uterus held up I could try for a VBAC next time.

   We notified our families and they prepped and rolled me back. Since it wasn’t really an “emergency” c section, more of a “failure to progress” c section it was kind of laid back affair. I was really groggy and sleepy the whole time. It’s like as soon as we agreed to do it ,my mind just shut off and all my adrenaline faded. I told Jonathan the other day that I wish I remembered more of what happened during this time. All I know is they gave me some really heavy drugs, prepped me, brought Jonathan into the operating room and in under 10 minutes the loudest girly cry filled the room. I was so happy and relieved and I didn’t care at that moment how she had arrived; only that she HAD! Her poor little head had been stuck in my pelvis.

emma 1

   Emerald Mercy Hutto was born at 6:48 pm on July 31st, 2012. 7lbs 6 oz, 21 inches long. After I had seen her for the first time and touched her little face and told her “Hi baby, Mommy is so glad you’re here”, she and Jonathan left the room and they gave me some more heavy medicine and I quite literally passed out from exhaustion. The next time I woke up I was in recovery and my husband was handing me my little baby! Pure Joy.

emma 2

We were in recovery for about 45 minutes and it was so quiet and peaceful. Because it was so late at night we were the only ones in the room. It was a very private, special time and one I will always cherish. I nursed her for the first time, we took tons of pictures and marveled over our first baby. I drank my weight in Sprite since I was so thirsty from over 12 hours without drink.

emma 3

Even thought I knew our family was waiting to see her we took our time. She was finally here after 2 whole days in the hospital and I was not rushing this.

emma 4

We spent a total of 5 days in the hospital before we took our precious girl home to our new life.

Emerald’s Birth Story

 Emerald’s Birth Story

Jonathan worked night shift and I had been on a night shift schedule with him so that we could spend time together. The night of July 29th neither of us could go to sleep even though I had my 39 week appointment the next morning at 8 am! By the time 5 am rolled around, neither of us had come close to falling asleep so we got up and did the only thing to do that early in the morning. We got a Starbucks and headed to watch the sunrise on the beach. Looking back I know it was Jesus giving us this last moment together with just the two of us. He’s Good that way.

We then headed to my appointment. On the way I mentioned to Jonathan that I had been having some regular contractions since about 4am. No biggie, I had these all the time. However in the back of my mind I was thinking that these felt different, stronger. At the appointment I had a scheduled NST where I was showing strong, regular contractions every 3-5 minutes. My doctor was of the mindset to go ahead and admit me, he convinced me that if he broke my water that labor would intensify on its own and we could have this baby today.

Of course I said ok. and we headed to the hospital at 10 am.

39 weeks pregnant

Let me remind you that neither of us had any sleep at all the night before. We felt like walking zombies. They admitted me, hooked me up to fluids and a monitor where I stayed semi-uncomfortable until about 5pm when the doctor came around to break my water. Well, let me tell you something, that was the most painful thing I have ever felt and I consider myself a pretty tough person. For whatever reason he was unable to puncture the bag of fluids. He must have tried for 20 minutes. It was horrible.

So at this point I am in extreme pain, bleeding heavily now, cramping and definitely having worse contractions even though my water was indeed still intact. I was given the option to go home but once again I didn’t know what to do. Jonathan was completely supportive of whatever I wanted to do but he didn’t know either. The problem was at this point I just wanted this baby out! I was completely sleep deprived so whatever amount of pain I was feeling was intensified.  So I opted to stay overnight, I found it comforting to be monitored. So we stayed, ate Chick-filet, walked the hallways, watched the Olympics on TV, walked some more and pretty much didn’t get any sleep for the 2nd night in a row. I was offered Ambien but turned it down, I wish I had taken it!

6 am rolls around and my wonderful nurse let me have apple juice even though I was supposed to be NPO. The doctor came in about this time to try and break my water a 2nd time. I was so nervous and on edge because of how bad it had hurt the day before. He was successful in under a minute. It didn’t hurt at all! We all could not believe the difference in the 2 times that he tried. He wanted to start me on a low dose of pitocin to speed things up. This was something I wasn’t too sure about but I just went with it. My contractions immediately intensified. It was painful but I was so excited to be on the road to getting her out! But By 10 am I was done for, no sleep in 2 days and the contractions were killer. So I go an epidural.

After that it was wonderful! I freaking loved that epidural. I was able to nap for about an hour when my nurse rushed in to look at my monitor, freaking me out in the process. The baby had had a heart decel for no apparent reason. So I switched sides and her HR came back up. After that I napped a little bit more.

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Seraphina birth story- part 2

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Jonathan arrived about 11am. That man I tell you, he’s wonderful. I labored uncomfortably for several hours. The contractions got progressively worse and I tried to manage them in different positions but the most comfortable was sitting butterfly style on the bed. I always puke during labor so when that started happening I knew I was approaching the time where I wanted to get my epidural. Can I just say that I love those things. I am not shy about saying that an epidural was definitely in my birth plan.

sera 3

(if you look closely in the right corner you can see my lovely throw up bucket)

I let the nurse know that I wanted to get the epidural so she started my required fluids. The Anesthetist came in and set up to start the epidural. Caroline, my nurse, was busy and couldn’t assist so the doc asked Jonathan to step in and help hold my hands. I thought that was nice and preferred it actually, rather than having the nurse do that part.  Once the epi was in place and I was sufficiently numbed it was smooth sailing. My doctor came in and checked my progress and I was 7 cm.

By this time it was 2:30 pm or so. Everyone left the room except Jonathan and I. We sat around and watched episodes of Friends. It was very relaxing and I am always amazed at modern medicine when I get epidurals. There we sat chatting and watching tv while we waited for my body to finish progressing. It’s just amazing.

About 4:30pm as I was in the middle of the episode where Joey is trying to find the hot girl in the apartment building across the street but keeps going to the wrong room, my doc came in and checked me and said I was 9.5cm. He asked me to give a test push. So I did, right there with Friends playing in the background. After that push he declared it time to push for real and the room erupted in frenzy as everyone started getting in place for delivery.

I literally said out loud “Oh so we’re doing this now”..Referring to the pushing part and turned the tv off. It just caught me off guard how quickly it happened. I thought I still had hours left. I continued to practice push while everyone got in place until my doc told me to stop so he could get dressed.

Everyone in place,I pushed through 2 contractions and out she came at 4:48pm. My 2nd VBAC baby. A whole 8 minutes from the time the doc declared it time to push. It happened so quickly I think Jonathan and I were in shock.

She passed meconium on her way out so they took her off to the side to get her checked out. I had a great view and was able to watch and get a good look. While that was going on we took a poll about how much she weighed. I said she was 8lbs 3oz, my doc agreed with me that she was over 8 lbs. The baby nurse and Jonathan said there was no way she was over 8 lbs. Her official weight was 8lbs 5oz. Mother’s intuition I guess.

sera 4

Seraphina Lilly Hutto


This birth was truly amazing and a gift from God. From the beginning of the pregnancy Jonathan and I prayed that I would have a quick and easy labor and delivery and that is exactly what happened.

sera 6

proud daddy

sera 5

first skin to skin

Oh and I got my Subway for dinner that night. My wonderful Father in Law was nice enough to go get me one!

Seraphina birth story- part 1

On November 2nd I went to my scheduled doctors appointment at 8 am. I was 39 weeks and 5 days pregnant. I had been contracting regularly for hours at a time for a few days so I was hoping for good news. I got situated in a room and then had to wait a good long while because my Doc got called away to an emergency c section. I knew I couldn’t leave since I was most likely in labor. So I sat on the table waiting, contracting and texting Jonathan who was with our oldest, Emerald, at the doctor for a mysterious rash (another story for another day).

Doc finally came in to check me and I was 4 cm! Woo hoo! He confirmed that I was contracting and said ” Let’s have a baby today”. It was music to my ears I tell you. He told me to head over to the hospital across the street and he would meet me there. I already had my bags in the car since I knew this was likely how it would turn out. I called Jonathan and my mom and gave them the update. Then headed down the street to get a sprite since I was so thirsty and I knew I would be cut off once I set foot in L+D.

I parked and waddled myself into the maternity center and got registered, since of course I never pre-register like you are supposed to. (Fun Fact, I’ve had the same lady take my information at the desk for all 3 deliveries and she is always so nice and quick.) I got taken to my room, changed into the very flattering gown and then hooked up to the monitors. My contractions had moved to 4-6 minutes and were pretty uncomfortable.

I had the best nurse ever Caroline and a student nurse Lauren. I just loved them and they went out of their way to make our stay great. They were so excited about this delivery being another VBAC for me. They got my iv started and all that great stuff. They were fun to talk to and Caroline told me she was 1 of 3 girls in her family and I loved that,since of course we were welcoming girl #3.

sera 1

sera 2

(I had to resort to selfies since Jonathan wasn’t there yet)

About 10:30am My doc came in and broke my water. I was about 5 cm.  I was also started on a low dose of pitocin. He asked where Jonathan was and I told him he was getting the girls situated with my mom. You know there’s the switching car seats over and making sure they have everything they need to stay at her house. He said to tell him to hurry up. Everyone was nervous this baby was going to come quick since she was #3. I wasn’t too worried. My previous labor lasted 12 hours. I kept joking with everyone that my goal was to have her out by suppertime so I could have a Subway. I was starving and that’s what I had my heart set on. I really didn’t think I would have her by then but I had no idea how wrong I was.

To Be Continued…

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