Our trip to Hidden Falls Regional Park

I guess you can say we’ve been bitten by the travel and adventure bug. Lately, anytime Jon has a few days off we are looking for somewhere to go and explore. Last week we were in the mood to do some hiking so we headed off to Hidden Falls Regional Park.

hidden falls regional park

Hidden Falls Park is located in Auburn, Ca. which is about 2 hours from us. Before we moved across the country the thought of a 2 hour car ride would make me cringe. But now….we think nothing of it. Our girls are pros at 2 hour car rides. It feels like nothing. A movie, a few snacks and we’re there.

hidden falls regional park

Now you may be thinking…”How in the world do you hike with 3 kids?”. Very carefully my friends. Very carefully.

No, really. I use the term “hike” very loosely. I look for places that are either handicap friendly or stroller friendly. Surprisingly there are a lot of both.

hidden falls regional park

Hidden Falls was actually neither. Of course we didn’t know that going into it but we hoped for the best. The first 1/2 -1 mile was fairly easy aside from being pretty steep downhill. I knew it was going to be a beast for Jon coming back since he was pushing the double stroller. I, of course, was wearing Sera in the Ergo.

hidden falls regional park

We then took a wrong turn and walked for a bit on a skinny trail that ran above the creek. We could look down and see the water way down there. We were trying to get to Hidden Falls but realized we were headed the wrong direction after awhile. We actually abandoned our stroller and we all walked since the terrain was very rough with rocks and roots. We turned around, fetched our stroller and found the correct trail. There was absolutely no cell service and we didn’t have a map so we were relying on signs and other hikers for our info.

hidden falls regional park

Before we headed out again on the trail that would lead us to the falls we had to stop for some snacks and a break. We were all hot and hungry. Thank goodness I had packed us a snack bag full of treats.

Bakerly snacks

I ALWAYS pack food. Wherever we go. That’s pretty much the number 1 rule. Bring water bottles and snacks. We love to bring clementines, granola bars, trail mix and anything that packs easily.

bakerly snacks

This time I had brought along some new snacks we were trying from Bakerly . This was our first time trying these. Bakerly has french snacks like crepes, croissants, mini brioches, sponge cakes and other packaged delicacies. These were so tasty! They were filling without being too heavy for an outdoor adventure. I especially loved the brioches…so delicious. My girls were all about the strawberry crepes.

hidden falls 5

It was back on the trail after our snack where we spent the next 2 hours roughing it over steep inclines, declines, roots, and rocks. We saw snakes and other wildlife. It was adventurous to say the least. I know the other hikers we passed thought we were absolutely nuts for bringing our young kids and stroller but we were determined. Eventually we had to abandon our stroller again in order to make it down to the falls. Jon carried Alina, I was wearing Sera and holding tight to Emma’s hand. It was no small feat and truly we probably shouldn’t have tried it with our young family but we had made it so far that we didn’t want to give up.

hidden falls regional park

Finally the falls rewarded us with its beautiful sight and a lookout deck to sit and relax. We stayed awhile and then began the long uphill hike back.

To say we were exhausted when we got back to the van is an understatement. But we felt something more as well. We felt pride. We were dirty and tired but we felt alive! It took teamwork to make that trek and we pulled it off. I’m not saying I want to try it again but darn it if we didn’t show that trail who’s boss.

Thank you Hidden Falls Regional Park for giving us a great workout and lovely sights!

*Bakerly is the official sponsor of the Transat Bakerly. Talk about adventure! The yummy snacks in this post were made possible by Bakerly but I assure you all opinions are my own.