What I actually feed my kids

I am always looking for inspiration on food to feed my kids. I like to browse blogs and different instagram feeds to get some new ideas when I hit a rut. Here, here and here are some good ones. My girls aren’t overly picky but they are kids so there is plenty of stuff they don’t like. I always require them to try new things but I also fill their plate with foods I know they like too, especially if its good for them. I avoid food wars this way.

what i feed my kids

Today I’m showing you 10 11 real life pictures of food I fed them. The pictures include breakfast, lunch and dinners.  A couple of points first:

-I’m not a food photographer

-No, it is not organic

-yes they eat other foods besides these

-yes they eat a lot of fruit

-the little gummy is a vitamin. We use these

-the white cube is a probiotic. We use these

-our plates and utensils are Replay Recycle and we love them

  what i feed my kids

1//bbq shredded chicken, baked beans + rotini noodles w/cheese

toddler meals

2//mini pancakes, chopped ham + raspberries/strawberries

toddler meals

3//raspberries, prunes, cuties, granola bar + chobani yogurt.

what i feed my kids 4

4//mini pancakes, chopped ham +raspberries

what i feed my kids 5

5//ground beef, white rice +lima beans

toddler meals

6//apple slices, goldfish crackers, olives, cheese cubes + fruit pouch

toddler meals

7//cheese quesadillas, sliced apples + boiled egg

toddler meals 8//chopped ham, apple slices, strawberries + olives

toddler meals 9//scrambled eggs + chopped ham

toddler meals  10// pb+j taco, apple slices + strawberries

toddler meals

11//apple slices, cheesestick, strawberries , goldfish crackers + fruit pouch

So there you have it! These were all taken over a 2 week period so some of the food was repeated depending on what was in season and what we bought.

What do your kids eat? What are some of their favorite meals?

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  • I always have people asking me to blog about what I feed my family. And I’m just like…it’s not fancy. And our plates are definitely not as cute as yours! lol!

    I think I’ll just share your post instead:p

  • haha!! Not fancy at all! I know what you mean. I mean I left out the frozen pizza and mcdonalds too.

  • Sheridan Johnson

    I love the entire list and you did great taking pictures of the food! I think number 11 would be my daughters favorite meal! All of them look so good!
    I also wrote my top 10 over at my blog if you would like to read it and show some love, I would greatly appreciate it! 🙂


  • Thanks! I’ll definitely check it out.