Our trip to Mt. Whitney

Back in January when we drove across the country ,one of the highlights of our trip was taking scenic Hwy 395 up southern, middle and northern California. It was amazing. There really aren’t enough words. Amazing doesn’t do it justice but I’m probably going to use it 1,000 times in this post.

lone pine ca

We had planned to stop in Lone Pine, Ca. to see Mt. Whitney. Of course we had no idea what the town would be like, we just wanted to see the mountain. Lone Pine is quite possibly the smallest town I have ever been to…and I went to high school in a town with 1 stoplight. We drove through the town before we realized we were there. Literally, we had to turn around and go back. It was a blink and you miss Main Street town. I loved it. Absolutely loved it.

lone pine ca


It turns out that Lone Pine, Ca. and the nearby Alabama Hills are the shooting locations for over 400 movies. Famous movies. Lone Ranger, Cisco Kid, Iron Man, Gladiator, Star Wars Generations, Tremors, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen to name a few. We were blown away by this information. There is a small Movie History Museum in the town where you can take a self guided tour and learn all about them. We didn’t take the tour, we didn’t think our girls would be as thrilled as we were. We did stop at the visitors center which was just..so cool. It had maps of the surrounding mountains, a gift shop and really nice restrooms …which..is very important when you have 3 kids on a road trip.

Then we went to the Mountain. Oh Mt. Whitney.

We made the drive about 25 minutes up the road twice during our stop as close as we could get to Mt. Whitney. Yes twice. We went once, got out, took pictures, drove back to town to eat lunch …then drove all the way back out to that mountain again. It was just that amazing and worth going twice.

Mt Whitney

mt. whitney

mt. whitney

These are some of my favorite pictures of all time. One day when we buy our forever home I am going to have all of these printed on canvas for a gallery wall.

It was quite chilly the closer you drove to the mountain, so baby Sera stayed in the van to stay warm. It was very rural with only 1-2 cars passing us while we parked on the side of the road and got out. Because of that we felt safe letting the girls get out and explore. …And by explore I mean sit in the middle of the road for pictures.

mt. Whitney

Mt. whitney

It was a spiritual experience. You can’t see scenery like this and not be moved by the Creator of it all. We honestly talked about what it would take to move there, going as far as looking up real estate. Then we came to our senses and realized we were 100’s of miles from a Starbucks or even a hospital for Jon to work at. But it was a nice little dream bubble while it lasted.

whitney 6

We will be back for you Lone Pine and Mt. Whitney. I think we left a piece of our hearts there.