5 things that make my life easier

We all have those things in our life that make it so much easier. Whether it be a tangible product that you use or the way you do something (routines, schedules, habit) that make it easier. I’ve thought long and hard and narrowed it down to 5 products that without a doubt make my life so much easier and I could not do without. I truly love these things and I’ll tell you why. Just keep reading.

items that make life easier

1//Crock-pot liners.
I use my crock-pot SO much. (a post with my favorite recipes coming soon!) Maybe that makes me less of a Betty Crocker homemaker but so be it (Is it a coincidence that “crock” is in her name? I think not). My crock-pot it my best friend. She has my back when the 5 o’clock hour chaos rolls around and everyone is starving. The liners make my life so much easier. I truly hate scrubbing my slow cooker, just hate it. All that caked and baked on mess. The liner takes my anxiety down about 3 levels because I know I won’t have to spend my night scrubbing when I could be playing with the fam. I still have to rinse it out after I toss the liner but it’s just a simple rinse, not requiring elbow grease. My only wish is that more came in a box. If you have Amazon prime, it’s more cost-effective to buy them that way in bulk. Try them, you’ll see.

Slow Cooker liners

 2// Baby Video Monitor + 3 cameras. If my sister is reading this she is probably rolling her eyes at me because she knows this is true. Next to me is always my phone and the baby monitor. Let me say it…I DO NOT TRAVEL WITHOUT MY BABY MONITOR! Oddly enough when my oldest was born we didn’t use any sort of monitor for more than a year. We lived in a tiny apartment and didn’t need it. With the addition of more children we started using one. Let me tell you. This thing has saved me from waking up my kids so much. I don’t have to open the door to check on them and risk the outside noise waking them up. I don’t bother them when they sleep and keep the doors closed. With 3 kids there seems to always be someone sleeping in another room. Often in different rooms. Not a problem. I have 3 cameras set up and I put my kids down in their various rooms and grab my monitor and set it to scan. It scans between the 3 cameras unless I set it to stay on 1 camera. I take my monitor on vacation or anywhere I know my kids will need to nap away from me in another room. I take the monitor outside with us when the baby is napping and the girls want to play. I can’t say enough good. It sets my mind at ease and I could not have survived the last 3 years without it. Here’s a link to the one we use. We have purchased extra cameras obviously.

baby video monitor

3//This Lunchbag. Now don’t laugh. I’m serious. My husband has taken a lunch bag to work every shift for as long as I can remember. I know lunch boxes. We’ve been through a variety of them but this one takes the cake and is worth the $20 bucks (which I think is a little much for a lunchbox). Here’s why. He is a float nurse which means he travels to different units throughout the hospital sometimes “floating” every 4 hours during his 12 hour shifts. This makes it difficult for him to keep up with his lunch bag if it’s in a fridge. Also, there is often not room for his lunch in the current staff fridge on whatever floor he is on since he is not part of that floor’s staff. If that makes sense. He’s like an “extra nurse” Trust me, it was a big issue until we bought this bag. It folds up when it’s empty and you stick it in the freezer, the gel lining freezes. Then you put your lunch in it and it keeps it cold for 10 hours! It solved the problem for us immediately. And since it has made his life easier, it has made mine as well. I ordered it from Amazon here.

freezable lunch bag

4//Yeti tumbler. I was gifted this 20 oz Yeti Rambler from my parents last summer. They sell them at their store and they gave both Jonathan and I one. We didn’t really know what they were or what the big deal was. Everyone else in my family was RAVING about them. We took them on vacation and fell in love. Never had I met a cup like this. I think voodoo is involved because it keeps cold drinks cold forrrreevver and hot drinks hot forrreevver. I mean…I’ll fix myself a cold drink at night and the next morning the ice will still be in the cup. But the real kicker is coffee. I drink coffee basically all day and this cup completely eliminates the need to reheat my coffee a million times a day. I don’t have to reheat at all. It has made my life easier. We use these constantly. They are sold in various places and online but I know that most places have trouble keeping them in stock because they are just that awesome. So if you come across one snatch it up. Yes they are pricey but if you are a cup/coffee/drink person. This cup is for you.

yeti rambler

5// Glitter Crocs. Last year I did a review on these Crocs, you can read that post here. I loved them then but I had no idea how much we would use those darn Crocs. I was never really a Croc fan because I thought they looked tacky but when I saw these glitter ones I was sold. I still don’t really like the plain ones but I like the glitter a lot. If you scroll through my IG feed you will see my girls wear their pink and purple Crocs time and time again. With everything and everywhere we go. With socks, without socks, with shorts, with pants, with bathing suits, to the beach, to the park, to the grocery store..You get it. When your kids can put on their own shoes it makes your life a heck of a lot easier. In fact just this past week we lost one of Alina’s beloved pink Crocs (it fell out of the van we think). When I told her, her eyes welled up with tears. They love those shoes. So I plan to order her some more very soon.

glitter crocs

That was quite the random assortment I know. But I proudly stand by my choices! If you have any questions feel free to leave me a comment. Hope you have a great day. Thanks for stopping by.

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  • Cat @ MaryMarthaMama.com

    YES to the crockpot liners! I love them, however I’m still getting used to using them so sometimes I forget to put one on before I start throwing things in and I’m so mad when I realize I forgot! They are so so helpful. Thanks for sharing your favorites and Happy Easter!

  • tiffanyhutto

    I hate when I forget! Thanks for stopping by!

  • YES to the video baby monitor. We didn’t actually get one until recently, and my daughter is over 2. We are in a small little city apartment and just didn’t need it. Our daughter ended up having a rare condition that causes her to get sick in her sleep sometimes, and the video monitors have been a lifesaver with checking on her!

  • tiffanyhutto

    I can’t imagine not having one. It sets my mind at ease so much. Thanks for stopping by!