#ChooseToSmooth (a review)


I’ve been a part of Influenster for almost 2 years now and I love it. I mean, who doesn’t love reviewing products you love for free? I’ve received all sorts of items to give my opinion on here and on my various social media channels. If you want to sign up feel free to use my referral link here. It’s free!

I was pumped when I was chosen for the #GlamVoxBox this time. Woot Woot.

In this box was a variety of great things but today I’m reviewing the Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitive disposable razors and The Gillette Venus Olay Violet Swirl shaving cream.


Okay. I’m a hard core Gillette user already when it comes to my shaving products. Other brands just don’t work as well in my opinion. I thought this before trying these new Gillette products. These new items are just as great. The razors give a smooth, close shave and don’t give me a rash. They have a touch of Aloe in them so if you’re prone to sensitive skin you’ll like these. I like the pretty blue color of them as well. The shaving cream was awesome too. I like that it’s thick and leaves your legs so soft and smelling good! It’s supposed to leave your legs 5x smoother. I don’t know about all that but it leaves them smooth.

So that’s my short review. I highly recommend these 2 products.

**I received these products free for testing purposes from Influenster.