10 movies and shows that my husband and I agree on

Today is an easy, fun post. I’m linking up with Karli for 10 on Tuesday again. I love this link-up. Last week I talked about 10 favorite kids books we are loving right now.

I think my husband and I have pretty good taste in movies and shows. I mean, some might think that a few of these are rather boring but we have our reasons for loving them. We each have movies and shows that we like to watch separately that the other doesn’t necessarily like. For example he loves Game of Thrones and I love When calls the Heart <3. We don’t watch those together. He would probably rather stick a fork in his toe. But this list is of those that we 100% agree on and have watched over and over. Enjoy.

1// Dan in Real Life. We are pretty much hard core Steve Carrel fans. This movie is mellow and fun with great music. We dream of having a cabin where our family can gather one day like this.

2//Robin Hood. The one with Russell Crowe obviously.

3//New Girl. We are on season 5 right now and it just keeps getting better. Those guys just crack us up. We watch them a few times to catch all the funny banter between Schmidt and Nick.

4//Music and Lyrics. We rented this movie from a video store when we were first married if that tells you how old it is. But it endeared it to us, and we watched it over and over and loved the songs. “Figuring out you and me is like doing a love autopsy”…10 points if you just sang that in your head in Hugh Grants voice.

5//Agents of Shield.  Big Marvel fans over here so this show is a no brainer. Phil Coulson can do no wrong.

6//Catch and Release. I loved it first and it grew on Jon. There is just something about it.

7//The Office. Duh. If these were ranked in order this would be #1. We have watched them over and over and over. Favorite forever. Watching the office is like coming home. A bit dramatic but true.

8// Interstellar. It is hauntingly beautiful and makes you feel small in this great big universe.

9//The Dark Knight Rises. I don’t really care about the other Batman movies but I really love this one so we watch it a lot since my my hubby likes the Batman movies.

10//Pitch Perfect 1 +2. I totally lucked out here ladies. He is always up for watching either of these hilarious movies.

We have many more that we love but these are up there in the top.

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  • The Office, yes! I think most people can agree on that one. Personally I love The Dark Knight…Heath Ledger as the Joker is my opinion of an amazing performance.

  • Ah, we’re big Marvel fans over here too! We’ll have to try Agents of Shield. My guy is always up for Pitch Perfect too. Omg he loves them haha. & I feel the same way about The Office. I actually loved that you described it as coming home because I watch it at night before bed and as soon as I turn it on I’m instantly calmed kind of like how I feel when I walk through the door after a long day. It’s amazing when a show or movie can do that for us, isn’t it?

  • tiffanyhutto

    I watched the Dark Knight twice and agree it was an amazing performance. I just find it too depressing to watch on a regular basis.

  • tiffanyhutto

    Oh I’m glad someone understands. That’s exactly how I would describe it. Calming. Like familiar and warm. lol. I Sound crazy. Definitely try Shield. We love it.

  • Dark Knight, Interstellar, and Dan In Real Life are some of our very favorites!! Or, well Interstellar is one of Jim’s all time favorites 🙂 He won’t stop talking about it 😉

  • definitely love the Dark Knight movies!

  • tiffanyhutto

    They are great!

  • tiffanyhutto

    I really love Interstellar but It’s not my go-to to watch. It leaves me with a heavy feeling so I have to watch it in moderation. I’ve never met anyone that likes Dan in Real Life. It’s a great movie right?