How to save money on kids clothes

When it comes to shopping for my girls I have a bit of an obsession. Nothing makes my heart beat quite as fast as when I stumble upon an amazing deal on something I absolutely LOVE for them. I wasn’t always a deal junkie. When Emerald was an only child I would just shop at Target or Old Navy, often paying full price with no mind to sales or coupons. Ah , those were blissful days. At the time I was working as a nurse in addition to my husband and the extra income was nice. But staying home full-time with my 2 (soon to be 3) girls is far better. I can still find great deals on super cute things. It just takes a little more searching and planning. Here is how to save money on kids clothes.

how to save money on kids clothes

1.) “Hand me downs”. This might seem obvious and a little boring but let me tell you, some of the most worn clothes my girls have are hand me downs given to us by friends and family. I never turn away someone who wants to give me free clothes! You just may have to spot clean or pick and choose what you like and donate the rest. Let it be known that you are happy to take used clothes off your friends hands.

2) Buy from friends. Along the same lines. I have had a few friends that didn’t necessarily want to just give away their nice clothes. Instead, I would go to their house and look through their stuff and we agree upon a price for the lot of it. You still save a ton and it’s nice knowing exactly who wore the clothes before your kids.

3.) Consignment sales. Probably one of my MOST favorite ways to get my girls clothes. I am like a kid before Christmas the night before a consignment sale. We have a local sale here twice a year that I look forward to and I will move heaven and earth to be there each time. I get there right when it opens and stand in line. I am never disappointed by the selection of clothes and toys. I have also sold clothes in this consignment sale as well. This is a nice way to try and “break even” with your purchases. Check out Consignment Mommies on Facebook for help learning where to find consignment sales.

4. Thrift stores. If you are like my husband you turn up your nose at thrift stores. Not me buddy, I am not afraid to get in there and search for treasures. Yes, many things at thrift stores are in worse condition than say, a consignment store, but there are great things to find if you give a little effort. Goodwill is an obvious choice but be on the lookout for smaller, local thrift stores as well. My favorite has a 25 cent sale day on Wednesdays where ALL clothes are a quarter each. I have found great baby and toddler clothes that way. Make sure to ask about special sale days at your thrift stores.

5. Ebay. It never occurred to me until recently to shop on Ebay for kids clothes. Then I heard a friend mention a great deal she found and I was off to the races. Since then I have found numerous great deals, mostly on infant clothes. A few tips : search for “lots” of clothes. You can often find better deals per piece that way. Make sure to calculate shipping into your total per piece of clothing, otherwise you will get slammed with shipping charges.  Lastly, if it says “or best offer” then make an offer! I always will make an offer and more often than not the seller will accept it.

I will leave it at those 5 suggestions so as to not waterboard you with info. Just know that there are tons of other ways to save money! I didn’t even go into garage sales, online garage sales, online consignment…not to mention just regular old sales and coupons at your favorite kids stores (target, old navy, the children’s place, etc.) I hope you’ve been sufficiently motivated to search for the hidden treasures and save money on your kids clothes!

  • I adore consignment shops and thrift shops for kids clothes. I have only bought one, ONE, piece of clothing for my little at full price. Everything else has either been gifted or thrifted. 🙂

  • That is so awesome! I wish I could say the same! I am getting better though