5 Christmas items kids can interact with and Mommy won’t stress over!

It’s official. The holidays are in full swing around here and from the looks of my Instagram and Facebook feed they are just about everywhere else as well. If you were like me your Holiday decorations were up well before Thanksgiving. If you were holding off until the official Christmas season you are now in the clear and are probably pulling down your boxes as we speak.

Here’s the thing, decorating with little curious humans running around can be tricky. Of course we want to teach our girls that there are certain things we just don’t touch because we said so. But at the same time I want them to know that Christmas is fun and magical! I want them to be able to learn about the meaning of Christmas and interact (aka play) with some fun decorations! I need to not stress over thinking they are going to break every single thing that they pick up! It’s no fun for anyone to have to constantly say “No, put that down!”.

So I went on the hunt and found 5 Christmas items kids can interact with and Mommy won’t stress over.

You’re welcome.

stress free

1. Felt Christmas tree. Here’s an idea. Get your kids their own Christmas tree to decorate and re-decorate to their heart’s content. There are lots of these to be found on Etsy but I really love the look of this white one with bright ornaments. Just stick it on the wall and let them have at it. There is a vinyl version on Amazon that sticks to glass if that works better for your house.


2. Chalkboard Ornament. I’m really excited about this one ya’ll!  We all know and love the classic glass ball ornaments. But let’s be real, those are not a good idea with kids running around. Even with a kid who knows not to touch, all it takes is one bump or shake of the tree and you have a shattered mess. The solution is this handmade, chalkboard 1D version of the ball. It hangs on the tree but is a chalkboard so the kids can have so much fun writing and drawing on it. It  is smooth to the touch and wipes off effortlessly . You don’t have to fear them dropping it and is a great addition to your ornament collection. You really can’t go wrong and the price is outstanding. Get yours here.


3. Little People Nativity set.– It’s best to put your glass nativity set up high and out of reach and pull out a fun set like this one. My girls love anything Little People so this one is a no brainer. I love that they could play with it and it can be used as an awesome tool to tell the story of Jesus’ birth. Win win in my book.


4. Christmas Finger puppets. – I came across these on Etsy and thought they looked so cute! Imagine the bedtime fun you could have making up stories and reading Christmas books with the help of these little guys.


5. Nativity Puzzle.  – I know, another nativity set. I couldn’t help it. This one is so cool! This nativity can be set up and enjoyed as well as played with as a puzzle. I love how versatile it is. It can go from coffee table centerpiece to kids entertainment just like that. It’s handmade from Cedar so I know it smells amazing. Get yours here.


Have anything to add? Hope you enjoyed!

  • I spent way too much time making our felt tree last year. It was so worth it though!

  • themommyglow

    I’ve seen some tutorials for them and I’ve kind of wanted to try!