Gift ideas for a 9 month old girl

I love brainstorming for gift ideas, I love finding that special something that I know someone would just love! That’s why I am so excited about Christmas this year. I mean, I’m excited every year, but this year is going to be the best. It’s our first year as a family of 4, Emma can actually understand what is going on  (i.e how to open her own gifts), and Alina is mobile enough to enjoy the festivities as well! I just can’t wait to hear the little girl squeals when they open their gifts. I already made a list of gift ideas for a 2 year old so now it’s time to get my list going for Alina, my 9 month old.

9 month gift ideas

1. Baby’s first Bible.  For Emma’s first Christmas we gave her a baby Bible with an inscription from her dad in it so we are making it a tradition for all of our children. I don’t know if this is the exact one we will get but I like the look of it.

2. Laugh and Play Love to Learn Sis. I’ve seen a similar one  around for awhile but always thought it was a little too pricey. Well, now there’s a smaller version for a smaller price! It sings, counts, says the ABC’s and lots of other fun stuff! I like that it is a toy that can grow with her.

3.Bath Toys. Since she’s about to graduate to the big tub and out of the baby tub I thought some new tub toys would be nice. I like these.

4.My first purse. At this point we own about every girl toy out there so trying to find something we don’t have is a challenge. Surprisingly we don’t have a purse. This girl needs a purse right?!

5. Baby Einstein Bendy Ball . This looks like something she will love! She loves balls and this one looks bright and easy to hold onto.

6. Karen Katz BooksWe are a little crazy about these books in our house. My girls absolutely love them. Each page has something you lift to “find” what’s underneath. So much fun for a baby! We have a few already but I am loving this one for Miss Alina.

7. Hootie Cutie. Alina loves stuffed toys and I love how this one looks. I know she will like all the gadgets on this one.

8. Melissa and Doug puzzle. I love Melissa and Doug toys so I really like this puzzle as a beginner puzzle for her.

That’s all the ideas I have for now. Do you have any ideas for a 9-12 month girl? Let me know in the comments.