It’s the little things – Sisters

I always thought I would be a boy mom. I had my future all planned out by the age of 19 and I saw only boy babies. I imagined 3 or 4 miniature versions of my husband running around shirtless, toy trucks in hand with dirt smudged on their cheeks. I don’t know why I thought it would be this way but I did.

However, almost the moment I found out I was expecting …both times. I knew they were girls. My dreams of having a brood of boys were quickly replaced with visions of hairbows, pigtails, baby dolls and everything soft and sweet. My girls. Sisters. I feel like I have been given the sweetest treasure of all.

fall girls 2

I’m not exaggerating when I say that they are the best of friends. As much as any little person can be. They both light up when the other one comes into view. They look at each other and giggle all the time. They roll around in the floor squealing on a daily basis.

fall girls 3

Emma is always saying “she’s so cute mama” or “sister is so sweet mama”. She won’t let me put Alina down for a nap until she gives her a hug AND a kiss. Must not forget one. If she hears her waking up from a nap she jumps up and says “let’s go get sister mama”. She makes sure Alina has a toy or her paci if she hears her getting fussy. She’s my protective one.

fall girls 4

Alina is the little clown. She’s always trying to get Emma’s attention and then when she has it she runs with it. She loves to constantly grab Emma’s clothes or talk jibberish to her. I can see her being the brave one. It’s magical.

Of course, not everyday is like this. Having a sister close in age myself I know that fights and arguments happen. But I also know that I have a friend for life, a confidant..forever. I am grateful that I was given these two sisters first, even if our future does hold a shirtless boy with dirt smudged cheeks. I am soaking in their gentle natures and their quickly growing friendship.

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