Gift Ideas for a 2 year old Girl

With only 8 weeks until Christmas I have found myself brainstorming for ideas for gifts ideas for the girls. It’s not that I am in a hurry for it to be here, no, I like to actually enjoy Thanksgiving and all the days until then. I just know that with 2 girls to buy gifts for this year I need to shop in advance so as to not spend so much at one time.

2 year olds are so fun to buy gifts for, especially Emma. She loves pretty much anything and gets so excited when she sees something that she likes.So I have thought of a few things I think she may like and wanted to list them here in case it gives anyone else in the same boat a few ideas. I will do a separate post for gift ideas for a 9 months old.


1. Princess Cozy Coupe + Trailer . We actually already have the pink Cozy Coupe but I think the trailer would be so fun! Emma loves to put things in a bucket and carry them around and then unpack them , then re-pack them. She would LOVE a trailer to pull around with her various babies and random rocks inside.

2. These adorable felt finger puppets from this Etsy shop. There are so many sets in her shop, I know I will have trouble picking just one.

3.  This Double sided art easel. One side is chalk and the other side is to color with markers. Emma LOVES to draw and I know she would have hours of fun with this.

4. Frozen. Need I say more?

5. This broom and dustpan set. Emma loves to help mama sweep, but she’s constantly knocking things over with a full-sized broom. She needs something more kid friendly.

6. Trampoline. We decided against a full size trampoline since we don’t want to have to move it next year. But this kids size could still be a lot of fun!

7.  She has recently gotten interested in taking a purse with her when we leave the house. She says “Oh Mama, my purse” and goes and gets this felt bucket that she carries around. So I think a purse like this would be a hit.

I doubt we will get her all of these things but these are just some ideas I am tossing around.  I’m sure I’ll think of more.

What are you getting your little ones?

  • OH MY GOSH! only 8 weeks left!!! We have purchased a kitchen for our 2 year old daughter for Christmas. Thats our big gift. She will get a few small ones, and of course be spoiled by grandparents etc.

  • themommyglow

    We did the kitchen last Christmas! It was a huge hit. I’m sure she will love it.

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