How to make easy homemade baby food

When it came time to start solids with my oldest child, it never crossed my mind to attempt to make my own baby food. It seems strange now that I didn’t at least try.  We were hardcore store bought puree users. This time around we are in a different financial situation and I knew we needed to save the money by making our own baby food.

So I got started like any good, respectable mother does…I Googled “How to make baby food”, then “How to make easy baby food” . While I found many helpful tutorials and you can probably find lots better than the one I’m about to give you, I thought I would just add my 2 cents since It’s so easy to do. So here you have it, How to make Easy Homemade baby food.

Things you will need:

1. Food of choice (fruit, veggies, meat, etc.)

2. Something to steam the food, can be stove top or microwave

2. Something to blend the food, I use a Nutri -Bullet but anything will work (processor, blender, etc)

3. liquid (breast milk or water)

4. Ice trays

5. Gallon size storage bags


Step 1. Choose what food you want to make. There are so many out there that are very easy to make. For this tutorial I was making butternut squash and avocado. Some others that are our favorites are apples, sweet potato, banana, carrots. blueberries, squash, peas and pears.

Step 2. Prepare the Food. Depending on what you are making it may need to be prepped. If you are making something easy like bananas or avocado it’s as simple as peeling it. Most others will need to be cooked first. For the Butternut squash I sliced lengthwise and laid face down in 3/4 inch of water and microwaved on high for 8-9 minutes until soft. Apples, carrots, pears and peas can all be steamed or boiled until soft.


Step 3.  Once the food is cooked drain and scoop into your blender of choice. I use the Nutri -Bullet since we already had it and it works great! A plain blender will work well too. I find it works best if I only fill my container or blender only half way with the cooked food.


Step 4. Next  Add the water or breast milk . There is no exact science to this, start by adding  a little until you get the desired consistency. At first you may want it thinner for your baby and then thicker as they grow. You can always add more you can’t take it away so use caution.


Step 5.  Blend! Mash, puree…whatever you want to call it. You can always stop and test it, then add more liquid if needed.


Step 6. Pour or scoop your pureed food into your ice cube trays. If the consistency is too thick to pour easily I have found scooping with a smaller spoon works nicely. Place your trays into the freezer. Freeze until solid. I usually leave mine there overnight.


Step 7. “Crack” your ice trays and pop the frozen food into your labeled gallon bags. If they are being stubborn, try a knife around the edge to loosen it or let them sit a few minutes on the counter and try again.  Then stash your bags in the freezer for easy access and feeding.Feel free to mix and match, try bananas and peas or avocado and pears….get crazy!

Voila! There you have it. Easy right?

Interested in trying the Nutri-Bullet? Go Here .